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Hypotenuse AI Culture Code

Product Love

Our co-founders are extremely active in the tech community and are on the ground to interact with the users. They personally reply to users' emails and enquiries for a better feel of user pain points. This allows them to come up with relevant improvements and best move our product forward. 

Hypotenuse AI also tries to conduct as many user interviews as possible. Often, we involve our newest staff to get their hands on our product. This is part of the onboarding process and all new team members undergo a user interview to test new features. We also host bug hunts before every big launch and the entire team joins to minimise issues and improve user experience. 

We invite external users as well as engineers to join for some of these sessions to hear the most unfiltered feedback. User suggestions and feedback are always shared with the team and taken seriously by everyone. Pointers taken during the interview are always converted into a series of tasks, of which they are allocated accordingly to the engineers during our weekly sprint tasks meetings. 


Hypotenuse AI adopts a data-driven approach for everything. From running Google Ads campaigns to breaking down user profiles, we use tools such as Amplitude and Google Analytics to track our performance. This guides our decision-making process - every step of the way. Why? In start-ups, speed is paramount. Having a data-driven culture allows us to change directions and execute new ideas faster. Tracking information makes it easier for us to make continuous, incremental changes and improvements. 

For example, we conduct A/B testing on our outbound sales emails and track which email headers have the best open rate, which content templates have the highest reply rate etc. We then make tweaks to this every week to optimise callbacks. Constantly looking into ways to improve, we hold weekly team meetings to review key metrics and brainstorm better approaches.

End-to-End Ownership

At Hypotenuse, nobody treats their job as a checklist. Thinking a level higher to find ways of creating value, we take full ownership of our tasks and see them from end to end. We do what we need to get things done and are always ready to get our hands dirty. 

This applies to all seniority levels within the company - including interns. At Hypotenuse, interns aren’t here to sit on the sidelines. We empower you to make decisions, contribute creatively and follow through with all your projects. 

Move Fast

The biggest enemy of a startup is time, so we have a bias for action over perfection. We strongly believe in moving fast and would rather be wrong than theoretical and indecisive. As long as it doesn't break our path to value, onto deployment it goes!

We also constantly look into empowering the team to build fast by stripping down unnecessary processes and automating workflows where we can. It is the norm for newcomer engineers to ship to production in their first week. On the non-tech side, everyone in the sales team has guaranteed access to automated messaging platforms to improve their efficiency. 

Open Communication

One of the tenets at Hypotenuse is transparency and no BS. There are no workplace politics here - with a flat hierarchy, anyone is free to disagree. We welcome questions and are open to disagreements during decision-making. Voicing criticisms and concerns are celebrated, not ignored and cross-department meetings are held every week to ensure all voices and perspectives are heard.

When it comes to open communication, our cofounders lead by example. Just one message away, they are always eager to hear us out and take our viewpoints into their consideration. Else, they will share with us the rationale behind the decision and work towards a common understanding.

Impressive Team

We're backed by top global investors such as Y Combinator and January Capital, and have an experienced team with a background in FAANG, AI research & top start-ups. Having worked on Amazon Alexa, our founder possesses a deep AI background, allowing us to understand how to apply advanced machine-learning techniques for the best results. Past employees of Hypotenuse AI also move on to impressive companies at top of their field, such as Apple, Open Government Project, Wise, Farfetch and JP Morgan.

Hypotenuse AI Culture Code QnA

<div>Negative feedback is delivered more as a form of constructive criticism. We always practice listening before we speak to gain a deeper and more honest insight into their underperformance.&nbsp;</div>
<div>Hypotenuse AI facilitates team collaboration by fostering a community working environment. We do this by having a daily morning huddle where the team gets together to discuss their goals and tasks for the day. These scrums help our team to align themselves and prevent duplication or oversights. We also hold weekly meetings to review our week's performance and next steps.</div>
<div>Hypotenuse AI has achieved DEI goals by setting aside time every month for employees to voice out concerns or struggles they may potentially be facing. Hypotenuse has also developed strategies to recruit talent from diverse backgrounds; be it diversifying where we sourced applicants or writing our job descriptions to have gender-neutral language.</div>