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About Altonomy

Altonomy is a trading, advisory and asset management firm specializing in cryptocurrency and digital assets. It is the first-ever dedicated sell-side trading desk to provide institutional-grade liquidity solutions, OTC trading, advisory and asset management services under one roof. Altonomy was founded in 2018 and is headquartered in Singapore while having additional offices in New York City and Shenzhen. 

Altonomy Culture Code

Move Fast

At Altonomy, we try to strike a balance between quality and quantity. On the one hand, we do not want to deliver quick but shoddy code and solutions that would ultimately require multiple improvements and upgrades thereafter. But at the same time, we also do not want to spend an excessive amount of time to deliver a single solution. As a result, we currently are able to deliver small features multiple times within a day and larger projects and changes that require more attention take no more than a few days. We also encourage new joiners, be it junior or senior, to push to production within the first week.

Great Code Quality

Code quality is a responsibility we embed in the entire team. This is an underlying goal that is in any and all solutions we aim to deliver and is the responsibility of every single member of the team, be it junior or senior. We also do not have a QA approach here and as such, the onus is on the team to ensure that this is a consistent theme with every delivery. We abide by the KISS principle and as a result, the team and all its members make it a point to never make something more complicated than it needs to be.

Leading-Edge Technologies

We have an open culture where everyone is encouraged to suggest, implement, and push for new technologies. In this regard, we encourage everyone in the team to ask themselves a singular question: would this benefit the team? We use this as a guiding principle when thinking about adopting any new technologies. This is to ensure everyone is thinking as a unit and to encourage a collaborative effort. If the answer to the question is a resounding yes, we do not waste any time to begin working on it and potentially even explore ways to bring the idea and methodology further.


An underlying theme within our technology team members is that we are all builders. We utilise codes and algorithms to express and implement ideas, thoughts, and improvements. When it comes to the bottom of it, every single one of our team members is an engineer through and through. As part of this DNA, one of the key things we strive for and continuously think about in all of our efforts is automation. This is one of the main and most important reasons why we are able remain an incredibly lean team while still able to deliver the most efficient solution possible.

End-to-End Ownership

Ownership is a key value we maintain in any and all efforts undertaken by the technology team. Every single member in the team owns every part of the project and system - be it from ideation to delivery, or in the operations and maintenance of these systems. We strive and perpetuate a results-driven culture amongst the team which is consistent with the rest of our business. This is to ensure we are aware of the accountability we should have for the work that we produce and as such, the value of ownership plays an important role in maintaining this culture code. Simply put, if and when the results are not as expected, we ensure that we are looking at ourselves first for the solution rather than pushing the blame to others.

Altonomy Culture Code QnA

<div>As a team, we are strong believers in the concept of learning-by-doing. Every and all newcomers, be it junior or senior, will follow a 30-day action plan provided to them. This action plan will guide them to learn from other teammates through various efforts of active involvement and to ask any questions around any and all projects being worked on within the team. We have no boundaries when it comes to learning and ensure that all available resources are accessible to everyone. Each team member, then, understands that it is up to them to ensure they are picking up the right skillsets needed for the job. As a result, most of our new team members are able to start delivering production code within the first few days of joining the firm.</div>
<div>All team members are updating the rest of the team on their work at least once daily, during the morning meetings that we conduct. Due to the collaborative nature of the group and in the wider company, it is very common to be up-to-date with what everyone else is working on by virtue of the constant communication that happens within the team regardless.</div>
<div>We encourage a more fluid environment when it comes to the management of different projects and tasks. In general, each team member is responsible for their own projects and hence, will individually plan their own timelines around the way they work and the various tasks they are undertaking at that point in time. This is to enable every team member to work within their own schedules and working styles that they feel is the most productive for them.&nbsp;</div>
<div>In line with our encouragement of creating a fluid working environment, any post-mortem efforts or reviews are only conducted whenever we feel that the team has delivered significant enough value. This is to ensure we are not having reviews at too early of a stage, thus deeming it a redundant effort on everyone's part. This is also to ensure that we, as a team, are making the most use of the time we have and to not inundate everyone's schedules with unnecessary meetings and deadlines that do not benefit the overall agenda or bring us closer to our shared goals as a team.</div>
<div>Collaboration is an effort and a goal we actively ensure is being kept as a constant in all our projects. As part of this goal, we are always making a conscious effort to encourage cross training and mentoring amongst team members. As an added result, we ensure that nobody in the team is isolated or getting siloed from the work or any communication that is shared within the team. As an additional bonus, we also encourage each team member to upskill themselves and be curious about learning, be it in a new area or to add a new skill to their repertoire. This is provided in the form of an annual allowance given to everyone for them to use against any courses they may find beneficial for their work.</div>
<div>In line with our effort to cross train amongst our team members, we are consistently making sure that all of our engineers get the opportunity to work on various new projects on a regular enough basis. As a lean team that is highly collaborative, this effort is easy to implement as everyone has a good gauge of all projects that are ongoing within the team and are also encouraged to be curious about their work. Our engineers understand that every single team member has their own strengths and weaknesses. Not only that, but we also recognize that it is to everyone's benefit that these strengths and weaknesses are identified so that everyone is able to seek ways on improving and to offer mentorship to others.</div>