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About Fairmart

Fairmart drives sales for SMB retailers by making their products searchable by customers in their neighbourhood. We do this through a combination of IoT and SEO to drive in-store transactions. 

Fairmart Culture Code

Pair Programming

Continuous learning is a key part of any programmer's learning. At Fairmart, we are strong proponents of learning and a key method to facilitate this is regular pair programming. We believe that we learn better as a team, whether it's senior engineers pairing up to tackle tough technical projects or senior/junior pair-ups to coach team members through specific technical problems. 

Our regular activities include: 
  • Daily tech-team standups to drive progress
  • Bi-weekly sprint reviews + post-mortems 
  • Quarterly team learning goals 

Product Love

Product-driven growth is a key priority for any truly innovative company and we are no exception. At Fairmart, we spend an extensive amount of time speaking with our customers to understand their lives and how technology can aid them in becoming more productive. To achieve this, we aim to understand the lives of our customers. Why are processes the way they are? What are the constraints they operate in? And how do we build a product that supports their business in the way it exists today? 

Move Fast

We believe innovation is an empirical process that requires experimentation, customer validation, and continuous feedback. The velocity at which we can drive this loop determines the rate at which we can progress.

To drive this velocity, we adhere to the lean startup methodology where we aim to validate features through simple experiments to assess efficacy. Continuous customer engagement allows us to understand how our customers use our product in the real world. 

Open Communication

We believe that open communication is fundamental to the success of an early-stage company. We are one team, and to hit our peak performance, we must operate as more than the sum of our parts. Building a culture of open communication is a key method to achieving this vision. 

At Fairmart, you can expect: 
  • Transparent objectives and key results across the entire organization 
  • Regular structured feedback sessions both as individuals and as a team 
  • Monthly Town Halls to review progress, setbacks, and paths forward across the entire organization 

Impressive Team

Our two co-founders have combined 30 years of business and technical experience across leading growth stage startups such as DJI, Shopback, and Redmart.

We started the company in the summer of 2020, and despite challenges around the pandemic, was able to quickly demonstrate traction and secure funding from leading VCs such as Quest Ventures, Entrepreneur First, and SOSV. 

Fairmart Culture Code QnA

<div>Individual teams conduct bi-weekly sprint reviews and post-mortems. This is supported by monthly town halls that allow us to review both the good news and the bad. With all feedback, it is vital that it is not framed in a punitive manner but rather with a curious framing: why did things not pan out the way we thought they would?&nbsp;</div>
<div>Team members test one another's code before the Head of Engineering runs tests ahead of the final release. Through this method, we've been able to improve both code quality while bringing the team closer together.</div>
<div>At Fairmart, we're building a digital commerce product for a long-neglected customer segment: physical retailers. To achieve product-market fit, we take a principles-first approach with the baseline being to understand how our customers operate today. As a result, our product is unique and is the focus of our innovation.</div>
<div>Staff turnover is shared ahead of time. Whether for performance, compensation, or culture, we aim to close these relationships with a positive frame. At the end of the day, each individual has contributed to the team, and we always want to recognize this.&nbsp;</div>