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About Hashkey Pte Ltd

Hashkey is an innovative smart wallet & DApp Platform. By utilizing blockchain technology, Hashkey has created a smart way to integrate Wallet, Exchanges and DAPPs. Hashkey is the ideal partner of all individual investors, token issuers, and exchanges. Check us out on website: https://www.hashkey.world/. 

Hashkey aims to be the wallet of choice for transacting with Fiat and Cryptocurrencies in various online and offline scenarios, through education, gamification, real-life applications, accessibility to integrated ecosystems provided by other tokens. 

Hashkey has more than 20,000 users registered till date with wallets and cryptocurrencies.

Hashkey’s business model includes the following aspects:
◆ Listing and utilization of pre-ICO tokens for pre-sale and ecosystem participation
◆ Management of ico tokens pre and post exchange listing
◆ Fiat and Cryptocurrency channels for ease of entry
◆ Purchase of mainstream Cryptocurrencies
◆ Exchange Integration/Partnerships for ease of listing and trading
◆ Dapp/app integration and partnerships to utilize tokens and encourage participation and community
◆ News feed and partnership media

Vision: To influence the blockchain community with extensive technology implementation & be an advocate for real world applications for token utilization and confidence.

Mission: Become “One wallet to all” by easing blockchain transactions by providing consolidated platforms for overall inclusion of technology and community.

Stay tuned for our mobile App! Soon to be available on the App Store & Play Store.

☑Hassle-Free Entry to Crypto World
☑One App. supporting multiple exchanges
☑Increment of Digital Assets
☑Utilizing Digital Assets Pre and Post Exchange Listing
♦ DIGITAL ASSET ISSUER                
☑Digital Asset Offering
☑PMMP (Primary Market Management Platform) 
☑Flexible Asset Management through Cloud Platform
☑Integrate and listing on the Exchanges
♦ EXCHANGES               
☑Facilitating Coin Pairing

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