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We are the teaching technology group of NTU Digital Learning Center, and our main task is to build and maintain NTU COOL, a new generation teaching platform for NTU.

NTU COOL is the abbreviation of NTU COurse OnLine, which uses the Canvas LMS used by many universities abroad as the infrastructure (using its open source), plus the special teaching functions developed by the team's engineers, and will become the mainstream teaching platform used by teachers and students in Taiwan in July 2022. At present, about 7,3 courses are used each semester, and about 500,30 students use the platform to learn.

NTU COOL provides basic teaching administration and management functions, with more emphasis on supporting "digital-physical hybrid teaching", "video teaching", "online interactive discussion", and "learning footprint tracking". It is hoped that through NTU COOL, the threshold for teachers to carry out innovative teaching and digital teaching will be lowered, and students' ability to learn independently will also be improved.

At present, the team consists of 6 engineers (software development, system, network, information security), 1 system architect, 2 user experience designers, 1 chief executive (also a well-skilled user support of NTU's current teaching platform), 1 user support specialist, and a deputy team leader, and a strong team leader by Professor Cai Xinmu of the Department of Resources and Engineering.

We are proud of the team's work culture and atmosphere, where partners share the same goal, enthusiasm and zero obstacles. It is believed that it is a high-quality working environment that gives partners the opportunity to grow rapidly and have access to all aspects of software development. Recently, a designer is leaving the team to pursue a new career experience, so please send a resume or help us with referrals and matchmaking.

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