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India's leading value e-commerce platform that has helped Indian e-commerce grow beyond just brands & urban users. Nearly 80% of Snapdeal's users come from non-metro locations highlighting its deep reach across the length and breadth of the country. Snapdeal hosts a wide selection of good quality, value-priced merchandise across fashion, home, beauty & personal care, general merchandise, and other categories. With more than 200 Mn app installations, it is one of India's top online shopping destinations.  According to a recent industry report by global consulting firm Kearney, the growing number of value-conscious online shoppers is reshaping India's e-commerce landscape. Value-conscious online buyers focus on finding affordable products that meet their needs of desirable quality, durability, and trendiness. The typical shopping behaviors and demands of these consumers have led to the rise of value e-commerce - differentiated business models optimized to serve the needs of value-conscious online customers. Currently estimated at $4Bn, value e-commerce in India is expected to see fast growth at 26% CAGR and reach $40 Bn by 2030.Snapdeal is part of the AceVector Group and one of India’s best-known e-commerce companies with an exclusive focus on the value segment.

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₹ 1,83,300 / mth
₹ 1,83,300 ₹ 1,83,300
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