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 We support you over time, during expansion phases and their more challenging periods alike. By providing a full range of solutions suited to your needs, we play a facilitating role to help you realise your ambitions and leverage your potential. This is why we intend to develop an authentic advisory relationship for all of your financial issues, specifically risk anticipation and management. Our model is based on both bankers who have a very detailed knowledge of their clients and the sectors in which they are active, as well as a broad cross-asset view of the bank’s various products and experts who bring sophisticated technical skill to their work. This client coverage model, though not in itself unique to Societe Generale, finds a better home there because of the bank’s ability to pool expertise in order to provide bespoke solutions to your needs. As a key pillar of the Societe Generale Group’s universal banking model, SG CIB supports the economy by playing a key intermediary role, offering broad market access to issuers and smart investment solutions to investors. The service we bring to our corporate and financial institutions clients revolves around three main activities - investment banking, financing and markets - and our global franchises of equity derivatives and natural resources. For our clients we stand out because we are a trusted advisor with a worldwide leading engineering expertise and a quality product suite. 

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