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Synthesis unlocks the power of open data. We build original datasets that can detect shifts in consumer preferences and identify growth audiences for our partners.The era of big data promised with algorithmic certainty that we would reach new depths of understanding and predictive power over human decisions. Yet time and again we see that this results in reductive logic—the echo chamber of a news feed algorithm or the GPS which only offer the most direct route, not the scenic one.What if, rather than unrelentingly collecting more data, we ask sharper questions of the numbers and celebrate the individuals behind them, not the most obvious commonalities?What we search, what we watch, what we publicly share, what products and services we value—every data source reflects a different aspect of behaviour. We emphasise layering relevant datasets rather than relying on one source and scale. And we have learnt, through this approach, that the magic often comes from the contradictions between datasets.Our goal is to detect and model shifting patterns in language and behaviour, then bring to life the people whose actions create these shifts. We go deep into the context in which patterns are created, interrogating data sources (platform mechanics, incentives, biases) and culture (norms, flux) in order to shed light on why shifts are happening and lay out the future directions of change.We call this Human Centred Data Science.

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Synthesis Employee Benefits and Perks



  • Performance Bonus

    At Synthesis we have an uncapped-bonus pool: bonuses are paid on profit share basis twice annually (July and January), based on company performance over the preceding six months. The intention is to reward your effort close to the time when it impacts the business, and to give a sum that more fairly reflects the success you play a part in building. You will receive a % of the Bonus Pool based on your salary as a proportion of the total payroll for the past six months.



  • Wellbeing Allowance

    We offer a sum of SGD $1000 per annum towards healthcare and wellbeing for costs that are not covered by local insurance policies, with a maximum of SGD$250 per claim. We define health and wellbeing broadly to include both traditional medical expenses that are capped or not covered by local health insurance policies, and other expenses associated with your general wellbeing.

  • Personal Development Allowance

    We believe our people are the fountain of knowledge that drives the creativity at Synthesis. In addition to internal training sessions, Company-funded training allowance is available to support your professional development -- though this training must have a clear benefit to an employee and the business. We also offer a Language Learning Allowance as co-pay up to 50% of your language learning costs, with a maximum of SGD $1000 per annum.



  • Paid Time Off / Annual Leave

    All full-time employees are entitled to 20 days holiday, part-time employees entitlement is pro-rated as per days worked. This is in addition to national Public Holidays that fall on working days.

  • Sick Leave

    Maximum of 14 days outpatient (non-hospitalisation) sick leave per annum. Please note, under the Singapore Employment Act, you are entitled to paid sick leave if; you have served your employer for at least 3 months and you have informed or tried to inform your employer within 48 hours of your absence.

  • Hospitalization Leave

    The number of days of paid sick leave you are entitled to depends on your period of service, up to 14 days for outpatient non-hospitalisation leave and 60 days for hospitalisation leave. The 60 days of hospitalisation leave includes the 14 days outpatient sick leave entitlement.

  • Maternity Leave

    We offer 16 weeks paid Maternity leave. The first 8 weeks to be as a block, then the remaining 8 weeks can be structured as per local guidelines and as agreed in advance with the Company.

  • Paternity Leave

    Employees who are unmarried, in a same sex relationship or who run a joint household of a lasting nature are granted the same status as a husband or wife for the purposes of parental leave. For this we offer Birth Partner Leave, which is 4 weeks paid leave to be taken within 6 months of the birth.

  • Bereavement Leave

    When a death occurs in your family please take some time off — up to 10 paid days for an immediate family member, or up to two days for other family members (grandparent, grandchild, uncles, aunts, cousins, etc.). After this period, we realise you may need additional time. Please arrange a conversation with a member of the leadership team to discuss what a manageable return to work looks like for you.

  • Unpaid Leave

    In addition to paid leave, Synthesis offers up to 2 weeks unpaid leave on a discretionary basis. This must be taken in a ‘block’ and in combination with annual leave in order to total more than 15 consecutive working days out of the office. The purpose of this is to allow team members to take an extended break and truly switch off.



  • Medical Care

    We auto-enrol all employees in a comprehensive health insurance policy covering both in and outpatient care. In Singapore this is AIA Health Insurance, which offers benefits including Hospital & Surgical, Outpatient or GP visits, as well as some Outpatient Specialists.



  • Free Breakfasts

    Occasionally we gather for 'Thursday Breakfast', a tradition where different people take turns to prepare breakfast for the team.


Work Arrangement

  • Flexible Hours

    You are responsible for prioritising your own workload. The whole team works together during core hours, 10:00-15:00 Monday-Friday. This time should be used for internal meetings, collaboration and discussion. Outside core hours you are free to structure your working time in a way that suits you, your clients and your workload best–bearing in mind that a total working week should be ~40 hours.

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