YAC Systems

Industrial Automation

5001-10000 Employees

2.3 (Glassdoor)

About YAC Systems

YAC Systems Singapore Pte Ltd (A subsidiary of YAC Corporation, Japan), designs and manufactures production equipment(s) / peripheral machine(s) to support client’s production process and material handling requirements in the Hard Disk Drive Media, Semiconductor, Plasma, Photovoltaics as well as the Garment Cleaning industries.
◆ Automation & Production Equipment(s) / Periphery Machines
◆ Hard Disk Related Products – Process Machines
◆ Hard Disk Related Products – Consumable
◆ Handling & Packaging Machine
◆ Cleanroom Conveyor Systems
◆ Contract Equipment Manufacturing

◆ Y.A.C. NIIGATA SEIKI Co., Ltd. - Cleaning Div.
◆ Y.A.C. DENKO Co., Ltd. (www.yac-denko.co.jp/en/)
◆ Y.A.C. KOKUSAIDENNETSU Co., Ltd. (www.yac-kokusai-dennetsu.com/e/index.html)
◆ Y.A.C. OHKURA ELECTRIC Co., Ltd. (www.ohkura.co.jp/index1.html)
◆ Y.A.C. DAStech Co., Ltd. (www.dastech.co.jp/english2/index.html)
◆ Y.A.C. Phoeth Co., Ltd. (www.phoeton.com/index.html)

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