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Your knowledge, skill and initiative will help your team in providing functionality and data for web portals, mobile applications, and other API consumers. You will create and improve software that solves real customer needs and provides modern solutions deployed around the world. Our technology stack is primarily open source and Java based, incorporating a wide variety of leading and emerging technologies and tools.

You will

  • Develop high quality, robust and scalable software using Java, Spring boot, Typescript, Angular
  • Be hands on โ€“ develop high quality software using technologies like React Js, Java, Spring boot, Typescript, Kafka, AWS SNS, SQS. React Native or mobile development are advantage.
  • Work with the business analysts to fully understand the business requirements.
  • Support QA team on test automation
  • Actively drive standardization and optimization of software development
  • Develop best practices to improve productivity and utilize programming principles, tools, and techniques to write solution codes.
  • Collaborate with other team members in the scrum team in worldwide (Europe and Thailand as core locations)
  • Lead, design, develop, test, deploy and maintain high-quality software and enhance software solutions.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to define, design, and deliver features.
  • Ensure the performance, quality, and responsiveness of applications.
  • Identify and correct bottlenecks and fix bugs.
  • Participate in the platform's continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD).
  • Lead and mentor junior/mid-level developers, conducting code reviews and providing guidance on best practices.

Your Skills

  • Bachelor or Master Degree in Computer Engineering, Computer Science or other related fields
  • More than 8 yearsโ€™ experience preferred as Full Stack Developer
  • Understanding of agile process
  • Understanding of micro services concept
  • Technical skills
  • Experience using design patterns for front end applications
  • Web services โ€“ REST and SOAP
  • Web development experience (HTML and CSS)
  • Angular framework (JavaScript or TypeScript)
  • Backend development (Java and Spring)
  • SQL database (MSSQL, Mysql, Oracle and PostgreSql)
  • Confluence, Git, Jenkins, Jira, Maven.
  • Strong experience in working with Business Analysts or Business Customers for requirements definition and transforming these into technical design
  • Understanding of quality control processes such as unit testing and code reviews.
  • Comfortable working independently, but has experience working in a team environment
  • Strong aptitude and desire to learn new technologies and tools
  • Excellent English communication skills, interpersonal, oral, and written

Your benefits:

  • In recognition of the evolving work landscape, our company is proud to provide a work-from-home allowance to our employees.
  • We nurture the well-being of our employees and their cherished families. We extend our care beyond their professional lives by providing comprehensive health insurance that encompasses not only our employees but also their loved ones.
  • We take pride in offering our employees a premium gym membership, recognizing the immense value it places on their well-being and commitment to maintaining a healthy work-life balance.
  • At our company, we offer an on-site playroom and a myriad of exciting activities, ensuring that our employees can unwind, recharge, and truly enjoy their time within our vibrant community.

47558 | IT & Tech Engineering | Professional | Non-Executive | Allianz Technology | Full-Time | Permanent

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