Full Stack Engineer (Java & Angular)

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Job Description

Job Summary

The Software Engineer is responsible for development, implementation, and maintenance of software solutions. The role includes working on Front-end and back-end systems. The main duties include understanding user requirements, translating them to Front/Back End code, developing database objects and APIs.

Job Responsibilities

  • Works with the Agile Program Manager (APM), Digital Product Manager (DPM), and Business Systems Analyst (BSA) to accurately capture stakeholder requests and system specifications and translate them into engineering artifacts, which typically include design specifications, source code, test scripts and test results.
  • Coordinates with software architects and Software engineer IVs to ensure that the engineering realization is in accordance with Enterprise Architecture principles and software development best practices.
  • As part of Agile teams, completes software development work which includes application design, coding, code review and testing. Keeps Agile team and APM apprised of project status.
  • Offers suggestions to stakeholders on devising effective and efficient approaches to achieve project and program objectives.
  • Manages engineering risks by proactively tracking and communicating issues and devising methods to mitigating them.
  • Liaises with other project and program areas to coordinate interdependencies and resolve issues.
  • Supports business units in the resolution of in-depth user questions and issues following production support process and SLAโ€™s.
  • Maintains a working knowledge of new technology and software engineering standards, practices and tools.
  • Provides input to APM/DPM in creation of Product Roadmap, High Level Estimates

Required Skills

  • Development Experience with Java, MSSQL, Angular, Sprint/Springboot framework including Spring Data/JPA and Spring MVC.
  • Familiarity with API concept and development (REST)
  • Experienced in scalable, high-availability back-end technologies Oracle, SQL Server and PostgreSQL
  • Experience with non-relational database technologies preferred such as Memcached, MongoDB, Redis
  • Strong JavaScript back-end development experience with common frameworks Angular, Rxjs, Node, etc...
  • Front end development experience including ReactJS, Webpack, HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery, Accessibility and Responsive Layouts UI/UX development experience.
  • DevOps experience, preferably with GitHub Actions, Helm charts, ArgoCD, leveraging GitHub Flow for CI and GitOps for CD


Bachelorโ€™s degree in Computer Science or related field.

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