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Aryng is looking for a strong Sr product and data analyst to work with high-growth clients in various domains - Fintech, Internet App, and e-commerce.

  • Are you overworked and have no work-life balance?
  • Are you frustrated with writing queries but having no clue if your work is driving any impact?
  • Are you a downstream order taker with no access to clients or stakeholders?
  • Are you tired of your company's work culture with useless hierarchy and bureaucracy?
  • Are you constantly in a support role with no seat at the table?

If Yes then come Join Aryng. Aryng is a Silicon-Valley based data science consulting company with clients including Google, JMSMuckers, Regeneron, GE, Life360, and Ipsy. Here are our core values.

  • We have a non-hierarchical, super-transparent culture. We all know what everyone is working on, where we are going, and how we are doing
  • We are all learners, entrepreneurial, and love growth.
  • We are super talented and are known in the industry as a SWAT data science team

This role works directly with the product managers and executives on the client side, based out of San Francisco, Bay area. We are looking for somebody who enjoys solving problems, is comfortable with the internet/app business model, and can think through product/feature/UX experience and propose optimized data-driven solutions.

The analyst will work closely with the CEO, Piyanka Jain, a renowned thought leader in data analytics.

Join our dynamic team and get an opportunity to be mentored on BADIR, our cutting-edge framework. With its proven track record of being adopted by Fortune 100 companies, BADIR provides an efficient solution for implementing data analytics and data science projects in no time.

  • This is a time-sensitive requirement and we highly prioritize candidates who are available for immediate joining*
  • This role requires mandatory overlap hours with clients in the US from 8 am - 1 pm PST*


Required Skills and Qualification :

  • Strong Decision Science skills, and can not only listen but also provide input on business and help leadership make decisions
  • 5+ years of experience as an analyst
  • 3+ years in cloud technologies such as MySQL, AWS, Presto, and Athena
  • Application of statistical concepts like A/B Testing, Hypothesis testing, and statistical tests
  • Experience in visualization tools like Tableau, Amplitude, Mode, and Excel
  • Excellent communication and stakeholder management
  • Skilled in understanding the business problem and converting it into an analytics problem
  • Degree in a quantitative field like statistics, economics, applied math, operations research, engineering, finance, or business intelligence


  • Work directly with the client's product, operations, and analytics team to solve problems on the product, user experience, and features
  • Leverage data to understand the business and its product usage, developing insights that apply to the product, and business strategy
  • Partner with executives, product managers, engineers, marketers, and designers to translate data insights into smarter decisions and applications
  • Establish and manage KPIs that measure the health of the business, product performance, and customer experience quality
  • Build dashboards and reporting processes to monitor business and product trends
  • Develop frameworks, tools, and best practices to apply data insights toward business questions
  • Conduct analyses and build models that identify opportunities and drive growth
  • Design and analyze experiments, communicate results, and drive decisions


  • Flexible work hours
  • Rapidly Growing Company
  • Awesome work culture
  • Learn From Experts
  • Work-life Balance
  • Competitive Salary
  • No Hierarchy
  • Highly Collaborative work environment
  • Executive Presence
  • End to End Problem Solving
  • 50%+ Tax Benefit
  • 100% Remote Company
  • Opportunity to become a thought leader

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