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Job Description


  • Provide excellent customer experience and solution support to BY customers with end-to-end ownership, proactive and innovative approach
  • Plan and execute implementation of high service quality through continuous improvements in the operational processes by regular tracking of operational metrics and leveraging lean methodology, automation etc.
  • Own Tier 1 customer solution as required, enhances solution stability and service quality eventually enabling increase in customer satisfaction, consumption and adoption of the service
  • Early engagement in Tier 1 customer implementation projects to ensure seamless delivery continuum into Operate through phased go-lives.
  • act as Subject Matter Expert providing mentorship to Support Engineers, delivers product/technical trainings and JIRA Gatekeeper to review and prevent inflow of WAD JIRA to PD.
  • consistently demonstrate customer centricity and relentless attitude to innovate through positive teamwork beyond his/her team
  • build and demonstrate high competency in product and domain, Azure & relevant tools and technologies, solution architecture etc.

What Youโ€™ll Do

  • Excellent customer experience and solution support to BY Customers with innovative/proactive approach and customer value creation
  • Delivers excellent customer experience by

i driving resolution customer issues mostly of high complexity and criticality including non-functional / performance related issues.

ii provides direction and inputs for Root Cause analysis and proposes prevention ideas.

iii guides/assists team members to resolve medium complexity issues.

  • Owns customer solution for Tier 1 customers.

i Positively collaborates with TAM and supports consumption/adoption improvement plans

ii Consistently achieves high customer satisfaction and makes positive impact on NPS scores by displaying end-to-end ownership, engagement and pro-activeness

  • Early engagement in tier 1 customersโ€™ implementation projects to gain good understanding of customer business process, solution and architecture and to ensure seamless transition into Operate phase through phased go-lives.
  • Owns implementation of high service quality through continuous improvements in the operational processes by

i Proactively and regularly reviewing metrics, analyzing trends, drawing conclusions and presenting/executing improvement plans

ii by planning processes/solutions to enable early detection and resolution as well as outflow and recurrence prevention of incidents

iii Continuously improving and implementing M&D practices and procedures

  • Expected to work in shifts and provide OOH support to facilitate 24x7 customer support
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Communicates (verbal and written) effectively with customers and BY stakeholders, pro-actively guides team members to communicate and influence customer positively
  • Collaborates relentlessly, passionately and respectfully with various BY teams and partners, provides guidance on collaboration challenges
  • Leads by example demonstrating professionalism, empathy and assertiveness in internal and external conversations. Understands cultural differences and diversity and help others live BY values
  • Balances between Soft skills (process, people, values, teamwork, roles) and hard skills (technologies, frameworks, solutions, products)
  • Competency development and demonstration

Our Technical Environment

  • Demonstrates high technical expertise as required to support concerned solution, for e.g.,
  • DBMS (ex: SQL, Oracle) for application support; writing, reviewing and improving queries, procedures etc.
  • Code debugging
  • Platform support engineering (ex: API and/or Mulesoft integration troubleshooting)
  • Troubleshooting Mobile application issues

ii. Demonstrates high expertise in contemporary SaaS technical toolsets like AppDynamics, Splunk etc.:

  • to monitor application health and investigate application issues.
  • to analyze trends and draw conclusions to reduce/eliminate recurring/high impacting issues
  • Product and Domain:
  • Develops good knowledge of product features and functionalities

ii. Possesses good knowledge of relevant industry domain and business processes of the customers

iii. Demonstrates good capability to have interactions related to business process impact and work-arounds with customers during issue resolution

iv. proactively gains knowledge of new features and functionalities in next release

  • Understands SAAS consumption, adoption and business value KPIs related to respective solution

What We Are Looking For

Possesses appropriate combination of one or more following skills, as required for concerned solution.

  • Very good understanding of solution architecture relevant for concerned solution, for e.g.,
  • Multiple layers of solution architecture including Client-Server and database, Load Balancers, Middleware
  • Integration with external devices/systems, data flows
  • Identity and Access Management (ex: Native, OAUTH, SSO etc.)

ii. Strong skills on architecture framework, tools and technologies relevant for concerned solution, for e.g.,

  • Webservers (ex: IIS, Tomcat)
  • Operating System framework and relevant scripting languages (ex: PowerShell, Batch scripting, vb scripting etc.)
  • Architecture framework (ex: ASP.Net, Java)
  • Tools to analyze server and application logs and dumps (ex: Wireshark, PERFMON, PerfView, Event viewer etc.)

iii. Good understanding of Azure technologies, as relevant for concerned solution, for e.g.,

  • Native SAAS or containerized applications, Kubernetes
  • Azure deployment models (ex: serverless / PAAS, scaleset, ASR)
  • Azure automations and CI CD pipeline - GitHub, Jenkins
  • Azure Cost advisor, insights for cost optimization

iv. Strong capability in cloud operational activities as per the requirements of concerned solution, for e.g.,

  • Deployment and troubleshooting issues related to deployment
  • Troubleshooting, fixing and preventing application availability issues
  • Building and implementing monitoring and/or automation strategies (Python, Cycle, RPA etc.)
  • Strong application performance engineering skills as required for concerned solution, for e.g.,
  • DB health analysis (statistics, fragmentation, query execution plan, indexes)
  • Root cause analysis for failures related to deadlocks, blocking sessions, wait state, I/O latency
  • Optimization of UI / Batch performance issues with moderate complexity
  • Executes prescribed KPI-based proactive performance review
  • Behavioral:
  • Inspires others by demonstrating service mindset through consistently displaying customer centricity and ownership.

ii. Aligns with company priorities and demonstrates strong sense of urgency from both Customer and company perspectives.

iii. Seeks regular performance feedback and works on self-development opportunities to achieve a holistic personal and professional development

iv. Consistently takes advantage and keeps up to date with learning opportunities to self develop his/her career path (this may include prescribed or proactive trainings).

  • displays growth mindset by taking initiatives, positively collaborating with stakeholders, continuously challenging the status-quo, helping team and department making progress towards strategic priorities.
  • Value Addition and Continuous Improvement
  • Identifies and implements opportunities for operational metrics improvement and for operational efficiencies (Reduction of critical issues, reduction in time to resolve, reduction in number of cases, etc)
  • Acts as Subject Matter Expert providing ongoing support and mentorship to Support Engineers, delivers product/technical trainings.
  • Proposes ideas for improvement of consumption and adoption
  • Drives operational improvements (ex: automation, process changes etc.)

ii. Leverage lean methodology or automation to improve operational efficiency

iii. Implementing new methodologies to increase process efficiencies and ROI

iv. Encourages and collaborates with the team to ideate and implement continuous improvement opportunities

Our Values

If you want to know the heart of a company, take a look at their values. Ours unite us. They are what drive our success โ€“ and the success of our customers. Does your heart beat like ours? Find out here: Core Values

Diversity, Inclusion, Value & Equality (DIVE) is our strategy for fostering an inclusive environment we can be proud of. Check out Blue Yonder's inaugural Diversity Report which outlines our commitment to change, and our video celebrating the differences in all of us in the words of some of our associates from around the world.

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability or protected veteran status.

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