Frontend React Developer (Attractive Salary/ Flexible working time)

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Job Description

  • Developers will join our Development team with main responsibilities here: 
  • Build new software front end for advanced user experience
  • Build reusable components/modules for static websites with responsive design;
  • Work with API endpoints for dynamic content updating;
  • Ensure UI/UX of developed pages and software with near pixel-perfect design;
  • Develop and optimize front end UI to ensure the application is rendered consistently in cross-browser environments
  • Cooperate to connect front end software development with the expert backend team.

Job Requirement:
  • Proficient in React stack (ReactJS, Redux, State Management, Functional Programming)
  • Advance understanding of native Javascript es5 & es6+;
  • Expert knowledge with HTML5, CSS3, SASS/SCSS;
  • Solid knowledge of modern web development technologies & framework based on JavaScript, HTML, CSS;
  • Expert with developing responsive layouts leveraging CSS and media queries;
  • Design and implement robust client-side solutions with RESTful API;

  • Strong competency in responsive, mobile-first layouts leveraging CSS and media queries;
  • Experience with Unit Test, Integration Test, End-to-End Test framework like as Jest/Enzyme, Cypress/Selenium
  • Experience with TypeScript
  • Experience with software best practices, like Agile and Test Driven Development is a plus.
  • Experience with high availability, high-scale, and performance systems is a plus
  • Deep understanding of web performance
  • Familiarity with Linux & MacOS development environment;

  • Chance to work in an international team and professional working environment
  • Training and career development opportunities
  • Performance review every 6 months
  • Open, supportive and collaborative culture 
  • Flexible working hours with 40 hours per week (Monday โ€“ Friday)
  • Lunch allowance and free drinks (coffee, tea, snack โ€ฆ)
  • Premium health insurance package
  • Paid leave (12 days/year)
  • Free English class for everyone 2 lessons per week
  • Sponsor the fee of getting certificates for each team 
  • 13 month salary bonus

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Salary Insights of Frontend React Developer (Attractive Salary/ Flexible working time) at Breadstack

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