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Recruiter: Ishwinder Singh

Hiring Manager: John Gillespie

Location: Bangalore

Mode - Hybrid

Why BT

We’ve always been an organisation with a purpose; to use the power of communication to make a better world. You can trace this back to our beginning as pioneers of the world’s firs telecommunications company. At our heart we’re a technology company with research and innovation in our bones and a desire to be personal, simple, and brilliant for our customers - those are the values we live by whilst also creating an inclusive working environment where people from all backgrounds can succeed.Our pursuit of progress over the past 180 years has established BT as a strong, successful brand, with huge scale capable of achieving great things. From supporting emergency services, hospitals, banks and keeping economies around the world online, safe and secure, to delivering large scale technology infrastructure like the creation of BT Sport.

Today in this fast-changing, always on, digital world our purpose remains true. Yet the market conditions, regulations and competition we face are tougher than ever before. So, if you have the drive, optimism and resilience to help propel us forward we’ll offer unrivalled personal development, a wealth of opportunities to learn, experience new things and pursue new careers. If that’s you and what you’re looking for, we’d love you to be part of our future.

Why this job matters

The Data Engineering Specialist executes a range of workstreams in building and implementing processes to capture, manage, store and utilise structured and unstructured data from internal and external sources, turning business needs into the data that supports the BT Group's data strategies.

What You’ll Be Doing

1 -Drives the design, coding, unit testing, and deployment of data processes'for ingestion and transformation of data while keeping data security and privacy in mind.

2 -Leads the development of architecture and design patterns to process and store high volume data sets.

3 -Leads key projects using advanced technical knowledge to drive new solutions to large, open-ended problems that may be ambiguous or lacking clear precedent.

  • Drives the use of best practices and delivery in an Agile process that consistently delivers a quality product for the organisation.
  • Drives the use of new or existing data to define key indicators to provide visibility into the quality of the BT Group's data, pipelines, and infrastructure.
  • Implements complex initiatives and projects, translating objectives into a scalable solution that meets end customers' needs within deadlines.
  • Mentors other data engineers, helping to improve the team's abilities by acting as a technical resource.
  • Champions, continuously develops and shares with team knowledge on emerging trends and changes in data engineering.

The Skills You’ll Need

Data Security

Database Design/Development


Data Storage

Data Engineering

Data Integration


Data Quality

Big Data Processing

Cloud Computing

Agile Methodologies

Data Management

Data Acquisition

Data Model Management

Decision Making

Growth Mindset

Inclusive Leadership

Our leadership standards

Looking in:

Leading inclusively and Safely

I inspire and build trust through self-awareness, honesty and integrity.

Owning outcomes

I take the right decisions that benefit the broader organisation.

Looking out:

Delivering for the customer

I execute brilliantly on clear priorities that add value to our customers and the wider business.

Commercially savvy

I demonstrate strong commercial focus, bringing an external perspective to decision-making.

Looking to the future:

Growth mindset

I experiment and identify opportunities for growth for both myself and the organisation.

Building for the future

I build diverse future-ready teams where all individuals can be at their best.

Who is the BT Group

We're the leading communications provider with customers in 180 countries. Across the world we enable customer's digital transformations so they can thrive. Our focus is simple: be the global provider-of-choice for managed network and IT infrastructure services.

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