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The Software Engineering Specialist independently executes advanced activities to deliver the engineering strategy and roadmap that supports BT's commercial strategy through cross functional business partnering and the participation of a team that pursues innovation as well as engineering excellence.

What Youโ€™ll Be Doing

1 - Delivers the engineering strategy in ensuring the engineering organisation's ability to deliver high quality on time and on budget and implementing means of bringing measurability as well as predictability to the engineering organisation's capabilities

2 - Executes complex technical decisions, technology choices and architecture for a wide range of high-performance products, capabilities, and platforms, effectively balancing short-term impact with long-term transformation

3 - Resolves complex and strategic issues using advanced technical knowledge, across wider industry and/or specific sectors, and develops bespoke or leading edge, technically complex solutions (e.g., relating to new, un-tested technology and/or large-scale impact of products)

  • Executes and contributes to the development of the ambitious and compelling technical roadmap to meet the needs of the business, engineering team, and partner teams
  • Executes engineering and operational excellence initiatives, implementing metrics and process for regular assessment and improvement
  • Drives an engineering culture that fosters innovation and creativity while delivering high quality products with predictability and reliability
  • Writes, tests and reviews code, refining and rewriting as necessary independently and communicates to engineering professionals and colleagues involved in the project
  • Solves complex and escalated aspects of a project, performing coding, debugging, testing and troubleshooting when necessary
  • Plays a positive contributor role in the software engineering organisation, implementing the technical vision and the pursuit of innovations regarding new technologies, platforms and applications
  • Evaluates, implements and maintains high-quality tools and complex automation processes to support continuous delivery and developer productivity

11 - Implements new architectures, standards, and methods for large-scale enterprise systems

12 - Researches, designs and writes new software and performs deep dive data analysis, to identify issues and implement ways to improve working processes within the area of software engineering responsibility, such as avoiding and reducing technical debt

13 - Mentors other software engineers, helping to improve the team's abilities by acting as a technical resource

  • Champions, continuously develops and shares with team knowledge on emerging trends and changes in software engineering

The Skills Youโ€™ll Need

Agile Development

Database Design/Development


APIs/Web Service Integration


Microservices/Service Oriented Architecture

IT Security

Cloud Computing

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment Automation & Orchestration

Software Testing

Application Development

Algorithm Design

Software Development Lifecycle

Project/Programme Management

Decision Making

Growth Mindset

Inclusive Leadership

Our leadership standards

Looking in:

Leading inclusively and Safely

I inspire and build trust through self-awareness, honesty and integrity.

Owning outcomes

I take the right decisions that benefit the broader organisation.

Looking out:

Delivering for the customer

I execute brilliantly on clear priorities that add value to our customers and the wider business.

Commercially savvy

I demonstrate strong commercial focus, bringing an external perspective to decision-making.

Looking to the future:

Growth mindset

I experiment and identify opportunities for growth for both myself and the organisation.

Building for the future

I build diverse future-ready teams where all individuals can be at their best.

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