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Career Area:

Business Technologies, Digital and Data

Job Description:

Your Work Shapes the World at Caterpillar Inc.

When you join Caterpillar, you're joining a global team who cares not just about the work we do โ€“ but also about each other. We are the makers, problem solvers, and future world builders who are creating stronger, more sustainable communities. We don't just talk about progress and innovation here โ€“ we make it happen, with our customers, where we work and live. Together, we are building a better world, so we can all enjoy living in it.

Role Definition

Designs, develops, and implements digital applications and experiences.


  • Analyzes and documents business requirements or new web features.
  • Designs, develops and implements digital applications to support business requirements.
  • Supports existing digital applications and enhances user experience.
  • Provides and facilitates design thinking activities to support digital solutions.

Skill Descriptors

Creativity: Knowledge of the approaches, tools, and techniques for promoting creative, original thinking and ability to apply it to a variety of business situations.

Level Working Knowledge:

  • Shares ideas and is open to other opinions and views.
  • Analyzes own assignments and work environment for creative changes.
  • Exhibits interest in new ideas and experimentation.
  • Contributes to and encourages new ideas; builds on suggestions of others.
  • Explores possibilities and their viability.

Decision Making and Critical Thinking: Knowledge of the decision-making process and associated tools and techniques; ability to accurately analyze situations and reach productive decisions based on informed judgment.

Level Working Knowledge:

  • Applies an assigned technique for critical thinking in a decision-making process.
  • Identifies, obtains, and organizes relevant data and ideas.
  • Participates in documenting data, ideas, players, stakeholders, and processes.
  • Recognizes, clarifies, and prioritizes concerns.
  • Assists in assessing risks, benefits and consideration of alternatives.

Computer Software Industry: Knowledge of computer software industry; ability to understand future products, vendors, technologies, issues, and trends and directions.

Level Working Knowledge:

  • Identifies key customer segments and how products compete in each segment.
  • Explains benchmarks, best practices and key processes associated with the industry segment.
  • Has worked with a specific type or group of computer software or platform.
  • Highlights major issues associated with the development of software systems.
  • Cites case studies of successes, failures and lessons learned.

Web Software Design: Knowledge of web software design; ability to design, develop, maintain and enhance web-based or web-enabled software.

Level Extensive Experience:

  • Discusses key issues and challenges associated with web-based software.
  • Contrasts alternative approaches and facilities for integrating image, audio and video.
  • Leads the selection in integration of WSDL and UDDI to describe and deploy web services.
  • Describes CORBA and CGI and associated design considerations.
  • Elaborates on risk, exposure and security issues; explains the uses of filtering software.
  • Has participated in development of multiple or large web-based or web-enabled software products.

Human-Centered Design (HCD): Knowledge of Human-Centered Design model, principle, and concepts; ability to understand the perspective of people who experience a problem, their needs, and provide them with a solution which truly meets their needs effectively.

Level Working Knowledge:

  • Follows related guidelines to identify new, advanced, and readily acceptable initiatives.
  • Defines the problem carefully to ensure that no assumptions for causes or solutions are implied and the desired outcome is clear.
  • Encourages others to share creative ideas; resists passing judgment to others' ideas.
  • Gathers and compiles required information to recommend a solution.
  • Presents prototypes to sponsor users and makes suggestions based on the feedback.

User Experience Design: Knowledge of user experience design tools, techniques and approaches; ability to design applications that are valued, positively perceived and used by clients.

Level Extensive Experience:

  • Consults on optimizing mental, visual and manual work loads.
  • Advises on key factors and provides information needed in effective user experience design.
  • Consults on user mental models and the business impact of user experience designs.
  • Coaches others on how to evaluate design effectiveness and contextual analysis.
  • Chooses tools and techniques for persona-based designs.
  • Develops design mock-ups, prototypes, usage scenarios, navigation maps, specifications and other design documents.

User Interface Design: Knowledge of activities, practices, deliverables and considerations; ability to design effective graphic user interfaces for delivery of information to the client's desktop workstation.

Level Extensive Experience:

  • Delivers high quality user interface design solutions in a timely manner.
  • Creates and maintains all user experience documents including user task flows, prototypes, screen mock-ups and wireframes.
  • Manages graphical tools and implements techniques for user interface design.
  • Elaborates on issues and considerations with site mapping, typography and navigation.
  • Designs and implements interaction flows, wireframes, paper mock-ups and interactive mock-ups.
  • Coaches others on how to evaluate design effectiveness (such as themes, readability and visual impact).

Web Trends & Directions: Knowledge of web trends; ability to utilize a variety of web information and technical tools to apply web developing trends within the organizational infrastructure.

Level Extensive Experience:

  • Evaluates the effectiveness of on-going web service infrastructure and content.
  • Designs and oversees the development of procedures for future web based trends and directions.
  • Monitors the business and organizational impact and application of new web services.
  • Develops proposals and documentation for web-related design trends.
  • Creates standardized development procedures for web applications or web services.
  • Analyzes new business models or emerging consumer requirements that are linked to web services.

This Job Description is intended as a general guide to the job duties for this position and is intended for the purpose of establishing the specific salary grade. It is not designed to contain or be interpreted as an exhaustive summary of all responsibilities, duties and effort required of employees assigned to this job. At the discretion of management, this description may be changed at any time to address the evolving needs of the organization. It is expressly not intended to be a comprehensive list of โ€œessential job functionsโ€ as that term is defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Posting Dates:

May 28, 2024 - June 3, 2024

Caterpillar is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EEO).

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