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AWS IAM Engineer

Engineer and deploy AWS IAM resources including users, groups, roles, and policies using AWS CloudFormation templates and following Cloud IAM team processes and procedures

• Day-to-day delivery of the AWS IAM configuration required to support business requirements, application integrations, workloads, regulatory compliance, and all other platform efforts or deliverables

• Actively monitor and respond accordingly to AWS IAM configuration changes, events, and alerts following applicable CIE team process and procedures

• Evaluates existing AWS IAM permission policies and adjust them as needed to enforce principle of least privilege.

• Ensure effective security protection controls and hardening requirements are in place for all AWS IAM resources

• Ensure all AWS IAM resources and configuration adhere to and compliant with all Synchrony policies/standards, industry best practices/benchmarks, and regulatory requirements

• Participates in Agile team’s ceremonies.

• Updates assigned Jira stories daily as required by the Agile team to provide status and next steps.

• Ensures service requests contain proper approvals and documentation prior to starting the work and deconflicts discrepancies with the CIE Service Management Lead.

• Creates new or updates existing CFN templates per requirements outlined in the service requests and Agile stories.

• Actively (immediately on the same day) coordinates with the CIE Service Management Lead to resolve conflicting requirements or unclear information in Jira stories or service requests.

• Ensures principle of least privilege is implemented in every template policy prior to creating Pull Requests.

• Ensures security controls are implemented in the CFN templates as required to ensure we maintain a secured Cloud IAM posture.

• Troubleshoots CFN template syntax errors and escalates to the CIE Service Management Lead as needed to ensure same day resolution.

• Troubleshoots errors logged in in the CFN StackSet’s Stack Instance or Operations tabs as needed to advance the fulfillment of service requests.

• Follows process documentation to ensure proper governance and request to implementation traceability is in place.

• Performs AWS IAM compliance event follow-up and remediation with account owners to resolve event conditions.

Pls share details.

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