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Job Description

Job role : Senior Founding Engineer

 Years of experience(in years) : 3+ years

 Job Type : Full time

 Location : Gurugram, Remote

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 About role

 We are looking for a talented and driven Founding Engineer to lead the development and

 growth of our infrastructure. This crucial position includes managing cloud deployments,

 creating REST APIs, defining our system architecture, and creating SDKs for game

 developers to seamlessly integrate with. The engineer will be required to adjust to different

 roles and responsibilities as the firm grows in the fast-paced startup environment. The

 perfect applicant should be a fast learner who can pick up new skills quickly and require little

 ramp-up time. In this fast-paced environment, being proactive and having the capacity to

 manage several projects effectively are essential.


 ● Create and put into place a scalable system architecture that can handle high user

 traffic and data exchanges.

 ● Create and manage SDKs to let game developers integrate them easily.

 ● Oversee cloud-based implementations, making sure they run reliably, scalable, and


 ● Create and build REST APIs while upholding strict security and efficiency guidelines

 for user interactions with the platform.

 ● All technical designs, procedures, and API methods should be thoroughly


 ● Lead technical teams on projects from inception to completion while requiring little


 What we need

 ● The capacity to participate in cycles of deconstruction, analysis, and rebuilding and

 work in an agile team are also necessary.

 ● Be able to quickly pick up new tech stacks in order to meet the company's expanding


 ● Strong analytical, leadership, communication, and problem-solving abilities.

 ● Solid understanding of both SQL (Postgres, AWS RedShift, Azure Cosmos) and

 NoSQL (Mongo, AWS Dynamo DB, Azure Cosmos) databases to effectively manage

 and serve data.

 ● Strong background in developing SDKs and RESTful APIs, with a solid

 understanding of Open API Swagger specifications to ensure high-quality

 documentation and integration.

 ● Proficient in cloud services and infrastructure, especially AWS, Azure, or Google


 ● Familiarity with DevOps tools and practices such as Docker, Kubernetes, and CI/CD

 pipelines like GitHub Actions.


 ● Bachelor’s or higher degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or related fields.

 ● Minimum 3+years of relevant work experience as a full-stack engineer who has

 worked on front-end, back-end, deployments, databases, and has delivered projects

 which have shipped and had a real-world impact.

 ● Extensive experience in designing system architectures, particularly for platforms

 with high user engagement.

 ● Skilled in programming languages such as Node.js, Go, Unity, and Python.

 Knowledge of Unity and Python is a must-have.

 ● Startup experience, ideally in the gaming or ad tech sectors.

 ● General understanding of the hyper-casual gaming industry.

 ● Experience with additional DevOps tools and practices.

 What we offer

 ● Competitive salary and benefits package.

 ● Opportunity to work with cutting-edge technologies in a collaborative environment.

 ● Career growth and advancement opportunities.

 ● Flexible working hours and remote work options.

 PS- We are a 5 day working organisation :)

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