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Job Description

The person in this role is responsible for the design, development, testing and implementation of software that solves complex business problems, and is scalable, secure, and easy to maintain. This position will drive the adherence of technology solutions to the company's architectural standards and business growth.

Key skills:

  • 5+ years experiance in OOPs Concepts, Core Java, Restful Web Services, Spring & Springboot, Restful Web Services, JavaScript Framework, Design Patterns,SQL.
  • Design and develop microservices/APIs using Java/Spring boot.
  • Working closely with Product owners and other stakeholders to understand the requirements and design software solutions to meet the product requirements.
  • Strong hands-on experience in Java 8, Spring framework, Spring Boot, Spring Security, Spring Batch.
  • Experience working with cloud native CI/CD tools and technologies.
  • Hands-on experience with Micro service architecture, end-to-end UI/API integration, and knowledge of API protocols like REST, gRPC, and graphQL.
  • Knowledge about the caching technologies and DBMS technologies like Oracle/MySQL/PostGres/MongoDB and designing the database schema
  • Knowledge in Containerization - Docker, EKS
  • Experience in writing extensive unit tests and unit testing frameworks Like JUNIT, Mockito.
  • Support the merging of code bases for multiple project streams along with contributing to the coding best practices
  • Contribute to technical innovations along with defining coding standards
  • Mentors and supports other members of the software development team and contributes to the software development best practices
  • Strong problem solving skills and solutioning complex problems

Good to Have :

  • Experience with Micro service architecture, Messaging platforms like Kafka.
  • Good experience in implementing Microservices design patterns like SAGA, CQRS, Event Sourcing, Circuit Breaker etc.

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