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Tech Stacks
React Analytics API

Job Description


Q. Taฬ‚n Biฬ€nh District, HCMC, Vietnam

What youโ€™ll work on

  • ThDesigning and building a cryptocurrency platform for high scalability and pauseless 24/7 operation under high- load conditions and providing low-latency responses.
  • Implementing core function: wallet management, priority limit order, risk control management, dispute management, admin and reports API.
  • Analytics tools to help senior management make data-led business decisions.
  • Integration new blockchain technologies.
  • Improving our platformโ€™s security and resilience.

Our tech stack

  • Frontend: ReactJs.
  • A good understanding of how to write clean, efficient, well tested code.
  • Solid knowledge of event processing models, multi-threading, enterprise integration pattern.
  • Extensive experience in software design, architecture, development integration.
  • A keenness to learn and to work in a highly collaborative environment.
  • Strong communication and problem-solving skills.
  • Experience in financial systems, especially payment domain, is great bonus.


  • 4+ years of of working experience in ReactJS
  • Experience of Fintech/Blockchain is big plus
  • Startup experience is a plus
  • Experience in software development of web-based/mobile applications is required.
  • Experience in agile development teams, such as Scrum, Kanban
  • Hands-on experience in influencing and collaborating with internal stakeholders such as Product
  • Excellent analytical skills and strong intuitions of user behaviors

Benefits & Compensations

  • Provided high settings laptop and monitors
  • Working with explosive technologies
  • Annual company trip
  • 13th salary bonus
  • Why it would be awesome to work with us
  • We are a young, lean, and strong team
  • We build a professional & fun working environment.

About Us

Our products built on blockchain technology in purpose of financial services, payment gateway, cryptocurrency, system management.

Our product contains

- System Back Office Package (for Operations)

- Friendly Interface (for End-Users)

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