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Job Description

Position - DevOps Engineer

Experience - 5+ years


- Install, set up, and manage the entire GitLab platform.

- IaC solutions like as Ansible, Cloud Formation, and Terraform may be installed, configured, and managed.

- Create CI-CD pipelines using GitLab to automate the development and deployment of various tech stack applications on both regular virtual machines and AWS EKS clusters.

- Create, design, and implement infrastructure automation solutions with the aid of IaC tools such as Terraform, CloudFormation, and Ansible.

- Work together with project teams to comprehend the application's objectives and create pipelines that meet those needs without jeopardizing platform security and governance measures.

- To enhance reusability and expedite turnaround times, write modular pipeline codes.

- Mentor and guide other team members on automated technical matters.


- Three or more years of practical GitLab platform experience, with an emphasis on pipeline writing and automation

- From 5 years of practical expertise developing applications using popular technologies such as Spring MVC,.NET apps, Microservices, and JavaScript apps

- Excellent comprehension of best practices for software development, such as CI/CD, testing, and version control

- 3+ years of practical expertise with container technologies, such as Helm Charts, Kubernetes, and Docker

- Proficiency in cloud providers such as AWS, Azure, or GCP is essential. - Understanding Nutanix is advantageous.

- It is essential to have knowledge of application and infrastructure security standards and best practices, such as OWASP, CIS, and NIST.


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