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Senior Mid

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Information not provided

Tech Stacks
Python SQL Spark Azure pySpark Analytics play Snowflake ETL

Job Description

What Youโ€™ll Do

The Data Engineer will play a vital role for Digital Finance and Innovation (DFI) team wherein the candidate will contribute in terms of creating the commercial data platform for DFI, data management, data pipeline creation, ensuring data quality & integrity, support data analytics, ensure performance and scalability of current and future data models. This role will be part of DFI wherein The person need to closely work with groupโ€™s data architecture & data platform team, product owner team and project management team to ensure we develop DFI commercial data platforms in accordance with groupโ€™s best practices.


  • Responsible for Creation of ETL Pipelines in Pyspark and SQL in Azure and Snowflake.
  • Responsible for designing and building new Data Models and optimizing existing data models.
  • Exploit elasticity and agility of the cloud.
  • Ownership of physical Data models of serving layer
  • Responsible and accountable for pipelines reliability and availability.
  • Responsible of Data analysis for troubleshooting and exploration
  • Understand the meaning, domain and the context of the data.
  • Documentation of the code
  • DevOps and code migration to higher environment
  • Collaborate with Product Owner and Scrum master to understand the requirement and convert the requirement into technology deliverables
  • Assist other team members and ensure teamโ€™s success "


  • BE in Computer Science, Electrical, Electronics/ Any other equivalent Degree
  • 5-9 Years of relevant experience in Pyspark or python technology.


PySpark, Spark SQL, Serverless SQL pool, Dedicated SQL pools, Data warehousing, Data modeling

Team player, collaboration, good communication skills


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