Senior Solutions Architect

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Job Summary

S$15,000 - S$20,000 / Monthly

Job Type


Years of Experience
At least 7 years

Tech Stacks
Elastic play

Job Description

Are you looking to make a real impact and play a meaningful role in the growth of our company?

As a Solutions Architect at Elastic you will serve as a technical authority and trusted advisor to our sales team, customers, partners and community. You will understand and solve our customerโ€™s business issues with the Elastic Stack, engage the regional Elastic community through events and programs, and enable sales through our Partners. A successful SA at Elastic will be focused on excellence; taking the initiative to improve both themselves and the team through continuous learning and questioning the status quo.

What You Will Be Doing:
  • Serving as the technical point of contact for your accounts and account managers in the ASEAN region - focus on Thailand)
  • Developing a deep understanding of customersโ€™ goals and objectives, and articulating how our offerings address their needs
  • Creating and owning value based relationships at all levels in customer organizations
  • Actively participating in all phases of planning and execution for your territory, from initial discovery to the technical win
  • Developing and maintaining a deep understanding of the Elastic products and solutions to demonstrate the value of our offerings in sales meetings, and at events such as meetups and conferences
  • Advising the sales team on effective ways of positioning Elastic products, solutions and services
  • Onboarding, educating and enabling our partners, and supporting them in sales cycles
  • Creating collateral, contributing to programs and collaborating with other Elasticians to meet individual client needs
  • Being the voice of the customer and community to communicate needs, gaps, and enhancements to our engineering and leadership teams
  • Deepening both your sales and technical skills through self driven education while taking advantage of all the professional development opportunities provided by Elastic
What You Will Bring Along:
  • A track record of success in a technical presales role-- enough experience selling and implementing technology to earn your customerโ€™s trust.
  • A demonstrable ability to articulate and sell the benefits of modern platforms, software and technologies.
  • A real passion for being curious and a continuous learner. You are someone that invests in yourself as much as you invest in your professional relationships.
  • A history of successful customer relations where you developed an understanding of what made a difference, and devised architectures that helped meet a goal, tackle a problem, or outpace competitors.
  • An ability to influence. Have you more than once convinced a team you worked for, of an idea, technology, or architectural pattern?
  • The ability to inspire groups, both large and small.
  • A willingness to travel 30% within region, as well as occasionally internationally.
  • Native or business fluency in both English and Thai, since you need to cover the Thailand accounts.

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