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Job Description



  • Operate and monitor Envestnetโ€™s security tools, including but not limited to anti-virus, WAF, IDS/IPS, PAM, and content filtering
  • Review and make recommendations regarding on-premises datacenter, and cloud infrastructure security settings
  • Install, support, and operationalize security software within the global environment
  • Liaise between the Information Security team and operational teams to determine initiative requirements and translate these to actionable, operational items
  • Review new security technologies and tools, and lead pilots/proof-of-concepts to evaluate their fit in the environment
  • Develop and improve security processes and procedures, and maintain process documentation
  • Create operational runbooks for NOC and Systems Administration teams to properly respond to alerts
  • Train the operations team on proper use of implemented security tools
  • Review vulnerability scanning data to guide the patching process and ensure proper remediation
  • Assess technical controls and identify areas for improvement
  • Determine and provide root cause analysis for security-operations related incidents
  • Work with global team to architect an efficient, effective, and stable environment
  • Participate in rotational after-hours on-call, and work outside of normal hours as-needed to support project and initiatives
  • Performs other duties as required

Candidate Requirements

  • 6 - 8 years of IT experience and 3+ years of relevant IT security experience
  • Familiarity with a variety of WAF, SIEM, EDR, PAM, and other security tools
  • Knowledge of network concepts, host-based security settings/controls, and security technologies
  • Expertise with on-premise datacenters and cloud environments (preferably AWS, but Azure and GCP are good as well)
  • Advanced problem solving, attention to detail and analytical skills
  • Solid aptitude to understand client requirements with excellent written and verbal communications skills
  • Strong organizational and time management skills
  • Previous experience working with geographically distributed coworkers
  • Ability to work in an office environment and/or remotely as applicable


  • ITIL certification
  • Experience in the financial services industry is a plus

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