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System Administrator โ€“ JD (Roles and Responsibilities)

A system administrator plays a pivotal role in maintaining the health, efficiency, and security of computer systems within an organization. Their responsibilities are vast and varied, encompassing everything from monitoring system performance to ensuring security measures are up to date. Below is a detailed overview of the roles and responsibilities of a system administrator:

1. Monitor System Performance: Regularly check system logs, CPU usage, memory usage, and network performance to ensure optimal functioning & Identify potential issues before they escalate by analyzing performance data and trends.

2. Perform Daily Security Backups and Restores

3. Security Audits and Monitoring: Conduct regular security audits to identify vulnerabilities and ensure compliance with security policies.

4. Technical Support: Provide technical assistance to end-users for hardware, software, and network-related issues & Troubleshoot and resolve system problems to minimize downtime.

5. User Administration: Manage user accounts, permissions, and access rights to ensure appropriate access to resources.

6. Install and Configure Software and Hardware: Set up new hardware, including servers, workstations, and peripheral devices. Install and configure operating systems, applications, and software updates.

7. Maintaining Networks and Network File Systems: Oversee the functionality of network components such as routers, switches, and firewalls.

8. Backup and Disaster Recovery: Create and maintain disaster recovery plans to ensure quick recovery from data loss events.

9. Operating Systems: Install, update, and maintain operating systems across all devices.

10. Monitoring Systems: Continuously monitor system health and performance using automated tools. Address anomalies and performance bottlenecks promptly.

11. Networking: Troubleshoot and resolve network issues to maintain uptime.

12. Patching Firmware and Software: Test and deploy patches to minimize disruption to users.

13. Security: Enforce security policies and procedures to safeguard information assets.

14. Troubleshoot Issues and Outages: Quickly diagnose and resolve system issues and outages to

minimize impact. Work with other IT professionals to address complex problems.

15. Documentation: Maintain comprehensive documentation of system configurations, procedures, and changes.

16. Maintaining System: Perform regular maintenance tasks to keep systems running smoothly.

17. Upgrading Systems: Plan and execute system upgrades to improve performance and functionality.

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