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We are technologists, creatives, and strategists who constantly pick up new challenges and build great product experiences. Regarding product and code, weโ€™re looking to work with experienced Full Stack Developer who designs, develops and maintains software solutions, frameworks, and supports the determination of operational feasibility (e.g., evaluating analyses, defining problems, developing solutions). Executes software solutions, prioritizing information needs and collaborating with a broad range of customers, partners, and key stakeholders. Analyzes systems flow, data usage, work processes, and investigates problem areas. Manages work activities against the software development lifecycle.


  • Develops new and revised software applications to drive the continuous improvement of engineered solutions. Evaluates system flow, data usage and work processes. Identifies and investigates technical problem areas, resolves issues, and shares data with relevant stakeholders. Assesses and resolves issues through root cause-analysis exercises. Develops high-quality code that performs as intended upon implementation. Ensures code is maintainable, supportable, and able to scale with business growth.
  • Designs, develops and maintains software applications, solutions, and frameworks, adhering to functional and technical requirements. Supports compliance, security governance, and policies by embedding industry standards and quality measures into workflows. Facilitates software innovation and the creation and initiation of continuous process improvements, leveraging the latest technology advances. Anticipates the impact of emerging technologies and accordingly recommends adjustments to software services.
  • Collaborates with team members and management to support the application services teamโ€™s vision, implementing and supporting effective solutions for software development. Maintains currency with technology, standards, and best practices, and supports process improvement efforts. Aids the cultivation of an inclusive environment and a culture of trust and transparency, sharing information broadly, openly, and deliberately. Actively embodies Fleet Studio values and behaviours (e.g., accountability, ethics, best-in-class customer service).
  • Participates in project and task planning, ensuring alignment with organisational goals. Identifies and initiates process improvement efforts within the team and across the team. Produces high-quality deliverables, defines success criteria, and measures activities accordingly.
  • Manages work activities against the software development lifecycle. Develops and prioritizes realistic, customer-focused solutions, leveraging insights on customer pain points, challenges and needs. Builds and maintains effective customer and stakeholder relationships by providing timely follow-up and feedback.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned or requested.


  • Bachelorโ€™s degree in a relevant field such as computer science, computer information systems, etc., or equivalent combination of education, training, and experience.
  • 5 years of experience in software engineering
  • Experience with the following technologies: JavaScript, Node.js, React / Vue / Angular, REST, GraphQL, API design, HTML, CSS, SQL/NoSQL Databases, and/or similar technologies.
  • Experience using Git, CI / CD tools & integrations and/or other similar platforms and tools for software development.
  • Experience with microservice design patterns.
  • Experience in planning and performing unit testing and system integration testing, facilitating performance and user acceptance testing (using xUnit, Jasmine, mocks, fakes, etc.).
  • Experience with headless CMS, eCommerce domain technologies.
  • Experience architecting, designing, and developing software solutions.
  • Ability to provide technical expertise and creative solutions while maintaining alignment to the organization's objectives and customer needs.
  • Experience creating scalable, automated solutions.
  • Substantial knowledge in security concepts and experience with secure code development techniques.
  • Ability to develop positive working relationships and a strong rapport with team members.
  • Ability to provide both detailed information as well as summaries to management.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills

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