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Job Description

Job Description

  • Operations: Generate Metrics, Perform User Access Authorization, Perform Password Maintenance, and Build Deployment Pipelines.
  • Incident, Problem, And Change/Service Requests: Participate and/or lead incident, problem, change and service request-related activities. Includes root cause analysis (RCA). Includes proactive problem management/defect prevention activities.


Candidates would work on Connected Vehicle - Data Mart - Data Discovery, Development, Delivery & Support area.

Work closely with Product Owner / business team to gather the requirements and other required information.

Analyze data and developing sustainable solutions for end-end operations data from internal and external databases. Analyze the data and create a design document based on the requirements.

Develop data pipelines for data mart data in Google Cloud Platform.

Curate data based on functional requirements.


Familiarity with Data Factory processes Quad-1 and DAP Classification process.

Continuously integrates and deploys developed software; modify CI/CD pipeline and scripts as necessary to improve continuous integration practices (Terraform, Tekton).

Collaborate with other product teams on integrations, testing and deployments.


  • 5+ years experience in Software Engineering.
  • Bachelorโ€™s degree in computer science, computer engineering or a combination of education and equivalent experience.
  • Willingness to collaborate daily with team members.
  • A strong curiosity around how to best use technology to amaze and delight our customers
  • Using CI/CD tools and pipelines e.g. Tekton, Cloud Build, etc.
  • 1+ year experience with developing for and deploying to GCP cloud platforms (or Azure)
  • Implement and optimize cloud services and tools (e.g. Terraform, BigQuery, GCP)
  • Experience in development using combination of the following technologies:
    • Languages: Java / JS / Python
    • Frontend frameworks: Angular / React


    • Backend frameworks: Spring / Node
  • Proven experience understanding, practicing, and advocating for software engineering disciplines from Clean Code, Software Artisanship, and Lean including:
    • Test-first/Test Driven Development (TDD)
    • Evolutionary design
    • Minimum Viable Product

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