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Senior Data Engineer and Analytics

You will lead the development and management of our advanced data infrastructure. This role involves crafting vital data solutions, including AI/ML implementations, forecasting models, regression analyses, and the implementation of an Operations Command Centre with real-time situational awareness dashboards. These initiatives support strategic and operational decision-making across our network of 17 hospitals. By collaborating closely with the IT department and other key corporate functions, you will ensure robust data systems that enhance healthcare delivery, optimizing patient flow, staff management, and financial performance. The ideal candidate will possess deep expertise in healthcare data engineering and a robust drive to develop scalable data solutions that fulfill our organizational objectives.


Lead country-wide projects to enhance healthcare delivery using data analytics and technology solutions. Initiatives include:

  • Implementation of an Operations Command Centre, ensuring the data infrastructure can handle workload and scalability requirements.
  • Supporting the use of AI/ML for strategic and operational insights, leveraging internal data and collaborations with external partners through feature engineering, data storage and retrieval, as well as model deployment and monitoring.
  • Deployment of forecasting models for patient flow and staff management into production and continuous monitoring of the modelโ€™s performance.
  • Operationalization of regression models into existing systems to identify key attributes influencing operational, clinical, and financial performances.
  • Oversee the maintenance and enhancement of the organization's data infrastructure, including databases, data pipelines, and data storage solutions. Maintain ETL processes to integrate data from various sources into the organization's data warehouse and generate insights through BI reports.
  • Ensure that the data in the data warehouse is clean, reliable, and preprocessed for end consumers such as BI developers and data scientists to use.
  • Collaborate with internal and external stakeholders to oversee the implementation of end-to-end analytics solutions, from understanding business requirements and data extraction to model development and evaluation.
  • Collaborate with stakeholders to leverage data for driving business outcomes and perform exploratory data analysis to inform decision-making.
  • Conduct training sessions and presentations on new reports, KPIs, and dashboards.
  • Support internal teams in developing and implementing data science solutions, ensuring adherence to data governance and best practices as per organizational policies.
  • Prepare and maintain documentation for data management and reporting.
  • Collaborate with Business Analysts within the team to collect and analyze requirements from various departments, developing BI solutions that meet specific business needs.
  • Partner with subject matter experts across hospitals and business units to determine project priorities and define their scope into a product requirement document.


  • Degree holder in Computer Science, information technologies, or related fields with 5-10 years of relevant experience in data engineering, data visualization, data analysis and AI/ML model deployment.
  • Experience in the healthcare or service industry is an advantage, including experience in data-driven Operations Command Centre.
  • Experience with developing data pipelines using ETL tools such as Azure Data Factory, Talend Studio, or Oracle Data Integrator.
  • Excellent command of SQL and fluent in PowerBI DAX.
  • Experience working with large datasets, and well-versed in structured and semi-structured data.


  • Experience with cloud computing services on at least one of the major cloud service providers such as Azure, AWS, or OCI.
  • Proficient in designing BI reports with at least one of the industry-standard BI tools such as Power BI, Tableau, or other equivalent data visualization tools.
  • Proficient in designing, developing, modeling, and documenting data models and BI reports.
  • Ability to support complex cross-functional initiatives and implementation of change in a results-orientated environment.
  • Exhibit IHH MYโ€™s core values of Patients First, Integrity, Empathy, Teamwork, and Excellence.

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