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Job Description

Experience: 9+ years

Key Responsibilities:

• Provide technical leadership and lead high performing teams within your organization, including

mentoring junior team members and providing technical support for engineers on the team.

• Commit to the full lifecycle of application development, from conception and design, through


• Ensure the performance, quality and responsiveness of all applications.

• Architect maintainable, performant Android client code with effective documentation that can be

leveraged by other developers.

• Integrate Android applications with back-end services, handling complex technical issues related

to mobile app development, and identify and adopt best practices for mobile development.

• Collaborate with Product Managers, Designers, and other disciplines to deliver the next

generation of mobile app features for Therabody customers.

• Exhibit good understanding of Google’s design principles and interface guidelines.

• Manage firmware protocols, communication interfaces and upgrades to enable seamless

interaction between mobile devices and hardware components of external devices.


• 2+ years of experience of managing or tech-leading a mobile engineering team.

• Considerable experience in Android development and proficiency in Swift.

• 9+ years of experience generating commercial quality Android applications using Kotlin and

Jetpack compose. - please provide links to published apps.

• Demonstrated experience in dealing with firmware management and complex interactions and

new features with external devices through Bluetooth technologies.

• Proficient with back-end technologies such as Terraform, Terragrunt, GraphQL,


• Strong familiarity with AWS services such as Lambda, API Gateway, CloudFront, CloudTrail,

CloudWatch, and others as needed.

• Experience with the implementation and management of application updates in Google App


• Expert understanding of tools such as Git for version control, and familiarity with continuous


• Experience with RESTful APIs to connect iOS applications to back-end services.

• Experience with Agile development methodologies is a plus.

• Experience with Contentful and Iterable integration is a plus.

• Experience with CI/CD tools such as CircleCI and Github Actions is a plus.

• You’re passionate about UI and Product development: deep knowledge of UI architecture and UI

performance, with prior experience building delightful and fluid interactions, screens and graphics.

  • • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or related field.

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