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Job Description

A DevOps team is responsible for the creation, delivery, operation and maintenance of an application, its associated components, and interfaces. A DevOps team consists of two roles: Development Engineer and Operations Engineer. Collectively, the DevOps team has full responsibility for the Development, Quality Assurance/Testing and Operations of their systems. Within ING DevOps teams use the Agile Scrum Methodology and Continuous Delivery Engineering Practices in their daily operations.

The DevOps team consist out of about 3 engineers and 7 developers and is responsible for systems to support the back office of Financial Markets. DocumentumFM is the big system that stores and processes confirmations. DocumentumFM receives the confirmations from systems like Calypso, Sophis, Bots and send out data towards GPS, new york , CBportal.

The Operations Engineer Role

The Operations Engineer will actively monitor, manage, study, test, and run the application, noting the detailed technical behavior and performance across all aspects of DocumentumFM to proactively identify and prevent operational problems. The Operations Engineer is expected to understand the detailed workflow of the entire landscape of the application, expected transactional volumes and the detailed technical behavior of the application servers and databases. The Operations Engineer will fully participate in the team’s Scrum way of working.

What will you do? What are you responsible for?
  • Deploying and running a Production system and provide Level 2 support for DocumentumFM.
  • Provide support post cloud migration and establish a way of working for OPS.
  • Run aftercare post migration.
  • Able to create and run pipelines using Azure.
  • Configuring and maintaining custom monitoring using Prometheus and Grafana
  • Familiarity with Linux systems and shell scripts
  • Understanding of RDBMS and experience with SQL queries
  • Specifying, creating, and executing the Performance and Operational Acceptance Tests including High Availability, Backup and restore and Disaster Recovery Tests, with the support of the Dev Engineer.
  • Specifying, creating, testing, and deploying the runtime scripts (e.g. stop/start/purge/backup).
  • Specifying, testing, and executing deployment and roll-back scripts.
  • Configuring and implementing Monitoring Tooling to enable 24x7 monitoring by the Master Control Room (MCR) using appropriate Event Alerts, agreed with the MCR.
  • Understanding the detailed technical behavior of DocumentumFM under normal and peak loads.
  • Understanding any (un)expected changes in behavior after a specific Release and taking appropriate action if actual behavior is not in line with what was expected.
  • Understanding the behavior of your DocumentumFM in failure scenarios and driving improvements in line with ING’s Reliability objectives.
  • Understanding and monitoring the entire technology stack DocumentumFM are running on.
  • Understanding how DocumentumFM fits into the overall chain(s) of (Financial Markets) systems that implement ING’s business processes and working with your “chain neighbor” teams where necessary to improve reliability, efficiency, and simplicity.
  • Managing the Operational Control Dashboard for DocumentumFM.
  • Ensuring your team and your DocumentumFM fully support ING’s implementation of the Service Transition and Service Operations ITIL processes.
  • Run standby.
  • Able to collaborate with other teams and establish a way of working.

Your profile
  • Your key competencies: excellent team player, persistent, service oriented, customer centric, eager to learn.
  • You like to deep dive technology, searching for root causes of issues and incidents and to resolve them.
  • Knowledge and experience (more than 8 years) with operations activities.
  • Certified ITIL foundation.
  • Experience with Agile / Scrum preferred.
  • Experience with Docker
  • Experience with Kubernetes
  • Familiar with Openshift
  • Experience in CI/CD pipeline
  • Familiarity with Linux
  • Experience in Shell scripting
  • Experience in any one of programming language is a plus
  • Experience in RDMS (Oracle) is a plus
  • Experience with scripting languages and automation of manual activities (testing, deployment).
  • Knowledge of continues integration tooling (preference Azure Devops/builds/pipelines, Git and Maven)
  • Flexible with respect to working pattern/ hours.
  • Great English communication skills, verbal as well as written.
  • Eager to work in a multi-location and multi-cultural team.

Furthermore, you adhere to the ING values, and it is evident for you that your behavior is fully aligned with these values. You are also prepared to take the Banker's Oath. For more information, please visit

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