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IRIS Software Group is one of the UKโ€™s largest privately held software companies. Its purpose is to be the most trusted provider of mission-critical software and services, ensuring customers get it right first time, every time.

IRIS takes the pain out of processes and let professionals working in businesses and schools focus on the work they love. Its software solutions and services for finance, HR and payroll teams, educational organisations, and accountancy firms helps comply with regulations, drive productivity and better engage with key stakeholders. Through simplifying, automating and providing insights on everyday mission-critical tasks for organisations of all shapes and sizes, IRIS ensures customers can look forward with certainty and confidence.

IRIS has over 120,000 UK and international customers with 80% having a tenure of five or more years. IRIS is the largest third-party online filer with the UK Government. Ninety-one of the top 100 UK accountancy firms and 50 of the top 100 US CPA firms use IRIS software. Circa 20% of the UKโ€™s workforce is paid by IRIS payroll offerings. More than 850,000 UK employees are managed by IRIS HR solutions. Over 11,000 UK schools and academies use IRIS, with four million parents and guardians using IRIS apps to connect with their childrenโ€™s school; 300 million messages are delivered between schools and parents each year, and over ยฃ15 million transactional payments are processed every month. IRIS is placed 93rd in the Grant Thornton Sunday Times Top Track 250, which is compiled by Fast Track and published in The Sunday Times each September, celebrates Britain's private mid-market growth companies with the biggest performance.

Summary :

We are looking for an enthusiastic software developer to join our team to help design, develop and deploy our industry leading software solutions for our growing client base. You will need to be a full stack developer with a broad knowledge of web technologies, primarily C#, HTML, JavaScript and SQL.

You will need to demonstrate a passion for software development, an ongoing commitment to self-improvement and help drive a positive development culture.

Working closely with business analysts and the other development teams, you will design technical solutions to solve business needs. Solutions will have to integrate into both legacy and modern architectures and technology stacks.

During a planned sprint, you will be part of a team striving to develop and deliver the set objectives. You must be able to provide technical expertise and guidance to the team throughout the development process to ensure objectives are met. You must also demonstrate a proactive approach to communication to keep the team informed of the development effort and be able to escalate any impediments quickly and efficiently to the team lead.

As we have a focus on early feedback through a high velocity of releases, you and your team are responsible for maintaining high quality through rigorous testing and code reviews. End-to-end ownership from development all the way through the Software Development Lifecycle including DevOps through to production is key for success in this role. To further ensure quality you will need adhere to and enforce our coding standards and best practices.

Must Have:

  • Advanced skills in a wide range of programming languages (C#)
  • Good front end experience in a mainstream JS framework (React, Angular, Vue)
  • Extensive experience of APIs and Web services
  • Excellent understanding of Microservice architectures
  • Strong back end and Database skills (PostgreSQL, MongoDB, etc.)
  • Extensive experience of cloud SaaS platforms (AWS, Azure, GCP)
  • Experience with test automation software (xUnit, Mocha, Postman)
  • Advanced knowledge of GIT
  • Strong knowledge of CI/CD systems & pipelines (Jenkins, Teamcity, Etc.)
  • Experience mentoring and leading technical sessions
  • Strong foundations in security considerations
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Experience working in an Agile software development environment

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