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₹197,917 - ₹340,278 / Monthly EST

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openstack Azure IAM SAML API AWS OAuth OpenID

Job Description

Job Description – Infrastructure & Application Security Architect

Position: Infrastructure & Application Security Architect


Security Architecture is part of Jio's Information Security Team. Primary responsibility of this team is to design & architect secure solutions and to identity threats in early design/architect phases of product development cycle. Drive secure by design initiatives in the organization & mentor delivery teams with right security direction & controls to protect customer data.

· Design security architecture and data protection controls for on-premises IT applications.

· Design security architecture and data protection controls for applications deployed in AWS/Azure/OpenStack cloud.

· Design security measures for applications deployed on containers and application built using Free and Open Source Systems.

· Design and review identity and access management system.

· Develop and enforce security policies and procedures related to network security architecture.

Assess applications against the security architecture guidelines and best practices.

· Research and evaluate new security products.

· Assist in building security-monitoring capability for applications deployed in AWS/Azure/OpenStack cloud.

· Research on current threat landscape and identify associated security issues for the organization.

Qualification: B.E./B.Tech/MCA

Work experience: 5-10 Years

· Good understanding of security architecture principles such as network segmentation, authentication, authorization, encryption, audit & logging.

· Experience in security design and deployment experience for GCP/AWS/Azure cloud environments.

· AWS - Security Groups, AWS WAF, Inspector, cloud watch, Shield, Cloud Config, Key management, IAM etc.

· Experience in Network Security such as network IPS, proxy firewalls, XDR, end point protection, sand boxing…etc.

· Experience in Application Security such as code reviews, code audit, penetration testing, kube bench, OWASP Top ten exposure..etc.

· Azure – NSG, WAF, Azure API management, Azure security center, Storage security, IAM, etc.

· Experience and understanding of various authentication and authorization mechanism such as SAML/OpenID/OAuth and using various Identity and Access management platform

· Knowledge of industry best practices, methodologies, tools, etc. in the field of cybersecurity.

Competencies /Expertise Required (Functional & Behavioral)

  • Systematic problem-solving skills, with the ability to think.
  • Excellent in analytical thinking for translating data into informative visuals and reports.
  • Adaptable to change.
  • Quick Learner – Open learn and work on new technologies and products

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