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Roles & Responsibilities

Product definition Conduct market research, define product scope, become one with the product vision before crafting and scoping; Extensive documentation

Product planning Comprehend and translate all business objectives, rationalize goals by exploring, defining and further refining the concept to conceive a well-rounded plan

Execution & Ownership Simplify problem statements to create a basis for execution, take ownership of each activity/task/sprint to work towards a common outcome or goal, create stories, build demos, construct MVPs - measure their success, refine to build and deliver products at scale and on time

Deliver Experience (not just product) Obsess over customer experience rather than sprints or deliverables, work towards building product ecosystems and manage expectations of each stakeholder to ensure alignment of business objectives

Weighty interaction with internal teams, viz. business (supply and demand), engineering, QA, operations as well as organization wide stakeholders viz. IT, Legal, Finance, Administration, Regulatory and Leadership teams

Substantial interaction with external stakeholders viz. customers (supply and demand), tech. partners (potential and on-boarded)

Influence key stakeholders, senior leaders and management in product positioning, clearly communicating product vision, aligning with overall organizational values

Qualification & Experience

Experience working with both demand and supply sides of ad-tech platforms, including but not limited to ad networks, publisher ad servers, programmatic platforms, demand and supply side platforms, bidders, audience & data platforms, ad analytics & tracking platforms

Extensive experience working on app performance advertising platforms and creating & executing attribution strategies for large and long tail publishers

Extensive experience in developing and managing digital remarketing & retargeting campaigns with a pristine clear understanding of ROAS optimization

Experience working closely with leadership & key organization stakeholders; analyse feedback & present results, derive and implement funnel conversion improvements as OKRs

Experience and/or distinctive grasp of digital ad media standards for ad tracking, viewability & measurements, ad formats, global & domestic customer privacy norms etc.

Key Skills

Ability to pursue, identify & translate emerging business and market needs into user stories

Adept in Agile with exceptional nimbleness in planning, execution and delivery; Exceptional documentation and articulation skills

Noteworthy knack of timeliness working independently as also with teams

Meticulous communication skills (verbal & written) with clear narratives on objectives

Exceptional presentation skills (old-school white-boarding + state-of-the-art decks)

Exceptional analytical & quantitative skills in all disciplines

Passionate about advancements in marketing & advertising tech

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