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Job Description

About Us

Liquiloans is a P2P (peer-to-peer) lending platform that caters to both borrowers and investors. P2P Lending is a licensed and regulated industry by the RBI. Our investors enjoy safe and steady returns. It's not crypto, it's not rapid growth. Our borrowers enjoy easy to pay EMI solutions for their purchases of goods and services. It's more like working hedonistically towards self improvement. We intend to become the best debt investment product out there for all Indians. We're four years old and 200+ members strong!

Our organization is an early stage well-capitalized NBFC-P2P with a vision to build an easy to use financial platform serving millions of customers in India. Our goal is to allow borrowers to get loans at interest rates cheaper than a bank and enable every lender to give loans to creditworthy individuals in a safe and legal manner. We intend to build a dynamic, completely tech enabled, loan exchange platform where individuals can lend money to other individuals within minutes.

We plan to integrate the new age data driven lending strategies and come up with an end to end, easy to use, online spread of financial products and services. Ours would be a one stop destination for all our users, from providing credit facilities to offering investment opportunities. We aspire to develop India's one of a kind, highly liquid interface where an individual can invest, render and take exposure against existing credit employed within minutes!

Role Summary

  • Join the Liquiloans team and scale the system for DevSecOps with responsibilities across managing Infra, PoC development, delivery of PoC, handling CI/CD Pipelines and monitoring tools.


  • As a DevSecOps Engineer, setup and maintain automation of CI/CD pipeline & monitoring in AWS Cloud environment (virtual instances, containerized and server less).
  • Manage Security of Applications as well as Infrastructure.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Configure AWS with load distribution between master/slave
  • Setting up the CI pipeline with AWS/Jenkin and Cloud(AWS)
  • Code Build
  • Static test (Quality & Security)
  • Setting up Application and Infrastructure scanning for security. Post-deployment security plan including PEN test.
  • Ensuring HA of the pipeline and monitoring
  • Setting up composition analysis in the pipeline
  • Must work in Agile environment using ALM tool like Jira
  • Debug production outages and take actions resulting from root cause analysis
  • Follow DevOps processes and procedures in conjunction with a migration of large-scale MySQL Server and Microsoft centric application solutions to AWS; preferably cloud native
  • Setup monitoring tools and alarms across the boards for multiple things using Kibana/other tools

Desired Skills

  • Extensive hands-on Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery technology experience of Web based projects(Web, mobile).
  • Experience configuring and managing
  • ALM tools like Jira, TFS, etc.
  • SCM such as GitHub, GitLab, CodeCommit
  • Database Configuration (sql & nosql), Web/Proxy Setup (Nginx, Apache).
  • Deep knowledge of multiple monitoring tools and how to mine them for advanced data
  • Prior work with MySQL, Redis, ElasticSearch, microservices, message queues and related technologies
  • AWS Certified Architect and/or Developer; Associate considered, Professional preferred

Proficient In

  • Bash, Powershell, Groovy, YAML, Web Concepts, REST APIs
  • Aware of MVC and SPA application design.
  • TTD experience and quality control with Sonarqube or Checkmarx, Tics Tiobe and Coverity
  • Thorough with Linux(Ubuntu, Debian CentOS), Docker(File/compose/volume), Kubernetes cluster setup
  • Expert in Workflow tools : Jenkins(declarative, plugins)/AWS CodePipeline and Build Servers configuration
  • Experience with AWS CloudFormation / CDK and delivery automation
  • Ensure end-to-end deployments succeed and resources come up in an automated fashion
  • Monitor production environment and act to keep systems stable and running; Tools like Kibana, Graphana, Logstash, Nagios, AWS GuardDuty, Azure Monitor, RASP tools.


  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or equivalent
  • 3-5 years or more of experience in related field


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