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Job Summary

RM20,000 - RM23,000 / Monthly EST

Job Type


Years of Experience
Information not provided

Tech Stacks
Python SQL Springboot Kubernetes Openshift Linux Java Podman Spring Tanzu Oracle Docker AWS

Job Description

  • The Bank in Singapore is looking for an experienced Software Developer for the core Treasury IT team to support the bank's treasury division for the business with Commodities, Credit Derivatives, FXD, IRD, FX, MM, Fixed Income products in Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, China and its overseas branches across the globe.
  • This role is for the Global Markets Programme - Risk Project implementation using Murex v3. The role is based in Kuala Lumpur and requires interaction with users and stakeholders in Malaysia, Singapore & overseas.


  • • Develop (VM/AWS/Kubernetes/Tanzu/Huawei Cloud)
  • • Develop External APIs for internal/external consumption
  • • Responsible for handling Release Management, raising Change Request and scheduling for the implementation of fixes and enhancements.
  • • Root cause analysis, manage communication and client relationship management in partnership with Infrastructure Service Support team members.
  • • Ensures all production changes are made in accordance with life-cycle methodology and risk guidelines such as OSS, Sonar-scan and Twist-lock
  • Application Support, Deployment of Release, patches & fixes on Platform

Mandatory Skills Description:

  • • 6-9 years of backend development experience
  • • Proficient in SQL, Python
  • • Experience in Linux and Java
  • • Experience in backend development in Spring Boot
  • • Experience with relational databases such as Oracle, Sybase
  • • Experience with containerizing applications in docker/podman for cloud deployment
  • • Experience with containerization platforms like Kubernetes and OpenShift.
  • • Familiarity with cloud services, such as AWS (Amazon Web Services).
  • • Understanding of networking principles and cluster management.
  • • Ability to work effectively within a team, collaborating with various functional groups.
  • • Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail.
  • • Eagerness to learn new technologies and frameworks as required by project demands.
  • • AIX, Solaris, Open systems

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