AWS DevOps Engineer (Senior)

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Job Description

Mactores is a trusted leader among businesses in providing modern data platform solutions. Since 2008, Mactores has been enabling enterprises to accelerate their value through automation by providing End-to-End Data Solutions that are automated, agile, and secure. We collaborate with customers to strategize, navigate, and accelerate an ideal path forward with a digital transformation via assessments, migration, or modernization.

We seek a DevOps Engineer with expertise in infrastructure as a code, configuration management, continuous integration, continuous deployment, and automated monitoring for big data workloads, large enterprise applications, customer applications, and databases.

You will have hands-on technology expertise, professional services background, and client-facing skills. You are passionate about the best cloud deployment practices and ensuring customer expectations are set and met appropriately. If you love solving problems using your skills, join the Team Mactores. We have a casual and fun office environment that actively steers clear of rigid "corporate" culture, focuses on productivity and creativity, and allows you to be part of a world-class team whileย still being yourself.

What will you do?

  • Automate infrastructure creation with Terraform, AWS Cloud Formation
  • Perform application configuration management and application-deployment tool enabling infrastructure as code.
  • Take ownership of the Build and release cycle of the customer project.
  • Share the responsibility for deploying releases and conducting maintenance for other operations.
  • Enhance operations infrastructures such as Jenkins clusters, Bitbucket, monitoring tools (Consul), and metrics tools such as Graphite and Grafana.
  • Provide operational support for the rest of the Engineering team to help migrate our remaining dedicated hardware infrastructure to the cloud.
  • Establish and maintain operational best practices.
  • Participate in hiring culturally fit engineers in the organization; consult with engineers to help them make their career paths.
  • Design the team strategy in collaboration with the founders of the organization.

What are we looking for?

  • 4+ years of experience in using Terraform for IaaC
  • 4+ years of configuration management and engineering for large-scale customers, ideally supporting an Agile development process.
  • 4+ years of Linux or Windows Administration experience.
  • 4+ years of version control systems (git), including branching and merging strategies.
  • 2+ Experience working with AWS Infrastructure and platform services.
  • 2+ Experience in cloud automation tools (Ansible, Chef).
  • Exposure to working on container services like Kubernetes on AWS, ECS, and EKS
  • You are highly proactive at identifying ways to improve things and make them more reliable.

You will be preferred if

  • Expertise in multiple cloud services providers: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform
  • AWS Solutions Architect Professional or Associate Level Certificate
  • AWS DevOps Professional Certificate

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Salary Insights of AWS DevOps Engineer (Senior) at Mactores

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