Senior Full-Stack Engineer (MERN)

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Tech Stacks
CSS Python React MySQL PostgreSQL Node.js SQL JavaScript Typescript NoSQL HTML Docker

Job Description

Role: Senior Full-Stack Engineer (MERN)

Location: Gurgaon (On site)

About us:

At Markovate, we specialise in driving business transformation through cutting-edge AI and digital solutions. Our team is dedicated to leveraging the latest advancements in AI and digital technologies to turn our clients' vision into reality. This position is for one of our clients working on a leading Fintech product. With a focus on excellence and innovation, they have partnered with esteemed clients like Zomato, WeWork, JPMorgan, etc. If you're passionate about pushing the boundaries of technology and thrive in a challenging environment where innovation is rewarded, join them and help build cutting-edge solutions that make a meaningful impact on various users and the industry as a whole.

Job Overview:

We're seeking a skilled and seasoned Full Stack Developer to join our dynamic team. In this integral role, you'll lead the design and implementation of our web applications and APIs, ensuring they are both scalable and high-performing.


• Design, develop, and maintain highly scalable and performant web and mobile applications using MERN stack.

• Collaborate closely with designers, product managers, and fellow engineers to define technical requirements and transform them into functional solutions.

• Craft clean, efficient, and testable code adhering to best practices in software development.

• Engage across all stages of the software development lifecycle, from brainstorming and design to deployment.

• Troubleshoot and resolve complex technical issues spanning multiple layers of the application stack.

• Stay updated on emerging technologies and trends in web development, continuously enhancing our products and methodologies.


3-5 years of experience in full stack development.

• Expertise in Node.js, React.js, SQL, and NoSQL databases, with proficiency in TypeScript. Angular.js proficiency is a plus.

• Strong foundation in front-end technologies such as HTML, CSS, and modern JavaScript (ES6+).

• Solid understanding of relational databases and SQL, with hands-on experience in MySQL or PostgreSQL.

• Experience with microservices architecture and development.

• Familiarity with Docker and containerization technologies.

• Excellent written and verbal communication skills, with the ability to articulate technical concepts clearly.

• Proficiency in micro-frontend approaches and technologies.

• Strong problem-solving and analytical abilities.

Ability to thrive both independently and within collaborative team settings.

• Passionate about building and delivering top-notch software products.

Good to have:

Knowledge of Python and Machine Learning is a definite plus.

Cultural Fit:

We are looking for a candidate who:

  • Shares our commitment to integrity, innovation, and customer satisfaction.
  • Is passionate about technology.
  • Enjoys working in a fast-paced, dynamic, and collaborative environment.

What to expect in the Interview?

  • Technical Deep Dive: Be prepared for in-depth discussions on specific technical topics related to full stack development. Expect questions that assess your understanding of advanced concepts, best practices, and emerging technologies in web development.
  • Follow-Up Assignments: Be ready to complete follow-up assignments or tasks assigned by the interviewers. These assignments may include coding challenges to further evaluate your skills and suitability for the role.
  • Problem-Solving Challenges: Prepare for hands-on problem-solving challenges that simulate real-world scenarios faced by full stack developers. Demonstrate your ability to analyze problems, devise solutions, and communicate your thought process effectively.
  • Cultural Fit Assessment: Expect questions and discussions aimed at assessing your alignment with the company's values, culture, and team dynamics. Demonstrate your interpersonal skills, enthusiasm for collaboration, and commitment to professional growth.

Interview Questions of Senior Full-Stack Engineer (MERN) at Markovate

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Salary Insights of Senior Full-Stack Engineer (MERN) at Markovate

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