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Our Purpose

We work to connect and power an inclusive, digital economy that benefits everyone, everywhere by making transactions safe, simple, smart and accessible. Using secure data and networks, partnerships and passion, our innovations and solutions help individuals, financial institutions, governments and businesses realize their greatest potential. Our decency quotient, or DQ, drives our culture and everything we do inside and outside of our company. We cultivate a culture of inclusion for all employees that respects their individual strengths, views, and experiences. We believe that our differences enable us to be a better team – one that makes better decisions, drives innovation and delivers better business results.

Title And Summary

Manager Software Engineer-3


Providing Scalable, Innovative, Secure, and Reliable solutions is the lifeblood of Mastercard B2B Commercial Solutions Products, and we are currently seeking a passionate, collaborative, and experienced software manager to join the Team.

Are you a collaborator capable of communicating effectively with Business and IT stakeholders across all organizational levels?

Are you an innovator who embraces, adopts, and studies the latest technology to solve challenging business problems?

Are you a leader who inspires the team to think “out of the box” and effectively communicates across all levels of the organization?

If this describes you, Mastercard wants to talk to you about the opportunity to work as Manager, Software Engineering under B2B Commercial Solutions team.

  • Formally supervise and coach 2+ teams of engineers to build, enhance, and support multiple applications/services in the delivery of internal or market-facing Products, Platforms, or Product bundles
  • Work with business/product owners to develop and deliver on new services to introduce new products and bundles
  • Ensure objectives and development plans are established at the start of the year and reviewed continuously throughout the year
  • Recruit and hire the right talent, always bringing in someone better than at least half the individuals in the role
  • Continuously engage and improve teams’ performance by conducting recurring 1-1 meetings, knowing your people, managing career development, and understanding who is at risk
  • Provide and facilitate timely feedback, coaching in the moment, and mentoring for staff at all levels
  • Emulate and drive Mastercard Way behaviors through their behavior, recognitions, coaching, and employee engagement
  • Manage and optimize budgets, forecasting, and cost allocation while delivering on business needs in the area of ownership
  • Provide strategic thinking and leadership related to a wide range of applications and systems, or software-development methodologies
  • Benchmark and drive engineering productivity, quality, and technology policy compliance in the areas of ownership
  • Proactively share and seek knowledge within their Guild/Program to drive reuse of patterns/libraries/practices and enhance productivity


  • IT experience with successful track record in managing small scale development organization (2+ teams) with demonstrated thought-leadership, cross-functional influence, and partnership.
  • Hands-on, high-energy, detail-oriented, proactive, and able to function independently under pressure.
  • Has skills in building applications using open frameworks to achieve reuse and reduce development times (e.g., Java, Spring Boot, Microservices, Angular, DXP, Python, node.js).
  • Progressively grown career with proven design and development experiences in multiple languages, secure coding standards (e.g., OWASP, CWE, SEI CERT), and vulnerability management.
  • Has skills in building applications using open frameworks to achieve reuse and reduce development times (e.g., Spring Boot, Steeltoe, Angular, DXP, others)
  • Understands internals of operating systems (Windows, Linux) to deliver interoperable and performant code
  • Able to perform debugging and troubleshooting to analyze core, heap, thread dumps and remove coding errors
  • Has skills to document and coach team on the development practices and coding guidelines (e.g., branching, peer reviews, library use, logging, scanning rules, test-driven development, error handling)
  • Understands use cases for advanced design patterns (e.g., service-to-worker, MVC, API gateway, intercepting filter, dependency injection, lazy loading, all from the gang of four) to implement efficient code
  • Has skills to undertake a technical review of code across applications and their dependencies to look for anti-patterns and promote continuous refactoring
  • Understands and elaborates technical debt and operational issues to drive prioritization discussions with stakeholders to improve the run experience
  • Understands system architecture to plan for platform and infrastructure capacity (e.g., database, compute, network, storage) and drives the dependency prioritization to reduce the delivery lead time
  • Has skills to understand customer journeys and ensure a Mastercard good experience by continuously reducing Mean time to mitigate (MTTM) for incidents and ensuring high availability (99.95% as a starting point)
  • Has skills to simplify deployment and eliminate software and infrastructure snowflakes using standardized platforms, ephemeral instances, and automation
  • Has skills to orchestrate release workflows and pipelines and apply standardized pipelines via APIs to achieve CI and CD using industry-standard tools (e.g., Jenkins, Bamboo, AWS/Azure pipelines, XL Release, Kubernetes)
  • Able to configure rules and build automation for code with vulnerability scanning and software composition analysis using standard tools (e.g., Sonar, Checkmarx, Nexus, JFrog XRay, Veracode, others)
  • Has skills to define, organize, and report on test runs for major, minor, and hotfix releases (including unit, component level, system level, customer journeys, past customer issues, and regulatory controls)
  • Has skills to conduct various performance tests (e.g., load, spike, breakpoint, endurance) to Understands application/service limits and behaviors
  • Domain/Functional knowledge - Banking, Financial Services, Payments.

Corporate Security Responsibility

All Activities Involving Access To Mastercard Assets, Information, And Networks Comes With An Inherent Risk To The Organization And, Therefore, It Is Expected That Every Person Working For, Or On Behalf Of, Mastercard Is Responsible For Information Security And Must:

  • Abide by Mastercard’s security policies and practices;
  • Ensure the confidentiality and integrity of the information being accessed;
  • Report any suspected information security violation or breach, and
  • Complete all periodic mandatory security trainings in accordance with Mastercard’s guidelines.

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