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Are you someone who thinks of an application as soon as there is a real-world problem to be solved, manual errors to be reduced/eliminated, a monotonous task to be automated, or remote collaboration to enable distributed problem-solving in a highly collaborative crowd-sourced environment? If so then you are someone we are looking for, a passionate and energetic Software Application Engineer (SDE 1) working on production-level applications, to build next-generation web and/or native solutions which are efficacious, highly extensible and scalable. This is a full-time terraformer position, meaning that you hit the ground running and quickly absorb the functional domain skills, business and market domain knowledge and above all Nbyulaโ€™s core organizational values!

Roles, Responsibilities & Expectations:Be a part of the engineering team and work with the design team to build reusable frontend components for multiple web-based applicationsWork closely with the product engineers to build, maintain reusable libraries, packages, frameworks for server-side development including infrastructure scalingParticipate in product requirements, design, and engineering discussionsWork closely with product engineers in all stages of developmentEnsure a fully functional product is delivered keeping in mind time and qualityTake ownership of deliverables which goes beyond technical depth of expertiseProminently Used Technologies: Cloud computing, OSS, Schemaless DB, Machine Learning, Web Crawling, Data Scraping, Progressive Web Apps, Continuous Integration & Deployment, RDBMS, Nginx

Qualifications & Skills:Weโ€™re open to consider if you have completed B.Sc. in a related field /BE/B.Tech/M.Tech in any engineering stream1 - 4 years of experience into Software Development role, preferably in a StartupHands-on knowledge of building web/client-server systems using Python, Django/Flask, Nginx, MySql/MongoDB/Redis/Neo4J over Ubuntu/Debian/dockers or similar stacksFluent in HTML5 and CSSGreat understanding of client-server architectures, asynchronous request handling and partial page updatesGood knowledge of Python or equivalent scripting language like PHP, Perl, Lua, Bash etcGood knowledge of JavaScriptGood knowledge of React Or Equivalent JS FrameworkGood knowledge of ExpressWorking knowledge of NoSQL Databases like MongoDBAbility to script in bash, browser automation scripts like iMacros, selenium will be a plusBig brownie points if you know GoLang, TypeScript or JavaAbility to write well-abstracted, reusable, highly performant code for UI componentsAbility to quickly grasp the internal plumbing of things and zoom into the finer nuances to the bigger picture of a software and/or hardware systemGood visual design sense, good experience in developing web-based applicationsStrong knowledge of Javascript fundamentals, object-oriented programming and web conceptsExperience or familiarity with React.js or any other frontend framework and tools like WebpackExcellent communication skills - to be able to work closely with the product team, designers, and other developersHighly effective at working in cross-functional groups and getting results in matrix organizationsExcellent time management skills and ability to work on concurrent assignments with different prioritiesProduct-oriented thinking โ€“ you code to solve problems of millions and not just features tailored for individuals, you should be able to decide the features and strategies that best fit the majority usage patternsExceptional analytical skills and inclination towards decisiveness vis-a-vis time-bound deliverablesExtremely excited to work in a fast-paced startup and driven to solve hard problems in the field of technology when applied to education

Who is an ideal match for being a Terraformer at Nbyula?All the attributes that we are looking for in an ideal teammate.

Openness - We welcome people from different backgrounds and schools of thought, Terraformers are open to different perspectives in approaching a solution and not just limit their thoughts or ideas to only a specific domainConscientiousness - We believe in working together for the larger goal and with complete dedication and not just for personal benefits, however we do not expect terraformers to work to the point of burnoutHumility - Being humble, grateful and respectful are the core traits of terraformers, we do not expect people to agree with every view of the management, feel free to have a different perspective but we always expect it to be put forward with respectRisk Takers - Terraformers are not afraid of the unknown and are open to new things, not that we encourage extreme risks without weighing the consequences but we are ones who take calculated risksAutodidacts-

Terraformers teach themselves to learn, we do our own research to get solutions, we do not expect you to have a blank slate and figure everything out yourself, we are here to guide you but not handhold and micromanage youSelf-Actualization - Terraformers are on the path of self-actualization, we are not bothered by the noise and distractions around us, we only work towards achieving our full potential. We do not expect you to over-burden yourself and not have fun but we expect you to work to the best of your capabilities

About Us:Nbyula is a German technology brand headquartered in Berlin with a Research & Development Center at Bengaluru, Karnataka, operational since 2014. Nbyula believes in creating an open world, where opportunities and talent are not hindered by borders or bureaucracies. Nbyula is materializing this vision by leveraging the bleeding edge of technologies like cloud, distributed computing, crowdsourcing, automation, gamification and many more, to create a horizontal marketplace that encompasses people, content, products & services for international work and studies, to enable, train and empower "Skillizens without Borders''.

To know more about us, please visit

Job Perks:Opportunity to help build one of the most immersive community-driven global technology platforms for international work and studies like itโ€™s never been attempted before. Your work will be on the live wire in front of millions of usersGaming chairs to keep you comfortably on a highLive music on the floor while you workAccess to thousands of booksSnacks on the house. Fill up on your favorite munchies, select your poison of choice from sencha green to double shot espressoExtensive health coverage for team membersLong weekend breaks for team members to plan trips or leisure activitiesThursdays and Tuesdays coinciding with holidays are clubbed with Fridays and Mondays so that you can go on that long break from workWe understand the pain of growing old - enjoy a fully paid leave on your birthdayAn annual long break from Christmas to New year so that you rest and rejuvenateCompany aided accommodation for the ones who like to be on a looseNo bureaucracy, respect for logical and analytical minds with thoughts and ideasOpportunity to own a piece of the company in the form of stock optionsWe believe in comfort, ditch your formals and feel free to come to office in denims and casual wear, your work matters, not what you wear

Find your future at Nbyula!

For any queries around this position or how to apply, feel free to write to [email protected]

  • Terraformers-The term 'Terraformers' refers to and is a sci-fi reference for planetary engineers- crafting entire terrains, hydrospheres, lithospheres, and atmospheres, to make the planet habitable for life forms. In Nbyula terms, this is analogous to discovering, shaping, and settling new worlds for Skillizens without Borders.

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