Sr DevOps Engineer-AM-TECH-DA-40

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CI Google Cloud play AWS

Job Description

About The Role

  • This role will be part of a team that develops software that runs on over 100k computers worldwide, measuring panelists activities as they surf the Internet. Using a software meter that is optimized to be unintrusive to the user, yet able to gather many biometric data points and send them back to a collection system that runs in the Cloud.
  • As a Senior Devops Engineer you will help to increase speed of delivery, improve quality/security of code, and optimize processes for the development team. With a heavy focus on cost avoidance and security
  • You will be responsible for identifying potential failure modes & performance improvement opportunities, and then work with the development team to improve a system that processes massive amounts of data every hour 24x7. You will play a key role in ensuring the stability of our production environments and mentoring other team members.

Key Skills

  • Work closely with Tech Leads and developers to assess existing problems and to come up with process improvement solutions
  • Detect upcoming bottlenecks and production issues proactively and then consult with development teams in a hands-on manner to resolve technical issues
  • Participate in planning delivery time, code quality, and process efficiency improvement projects
  • Perform daily tasks such as environmental health checks, data storage monitoring, and environmental costs
  • Deploying application release into no-prod and production environments using automated CI/CD pipelines that include security vulnerability assessments
  • Automated repetitive manual DevOps task using tools such as Teraform
  • Collaborate with other DevOps teams to build a community of practice
  • Mentor junior devops engineers, providing guidance on technical aspects and best practices.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to ensure a cohesive and unified approach to software development.
  • Support the implementation of security best practices for on-prem and AWS (cloud) environments in multiple countries/regions

Desired Skills

  • Knowledge of networking principles and security best practices.
  • Experience with Data Lakes, or Google Cloud (GCP) a plus
  • AWS Certification is a plus
  • Experience managing work via a Kanban board a plus

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