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Be part of something revolutionary

We have a vision. Our Digital Brain, o9’s AI-powered platform, is being used by global enterprises to drive their digital transformations. The integrated planning and operational efficiencies we provide is helping businesses do more, be more and mean more to the world at large. Because businesses that plan better, reduce waste, creating value for themselves and the planet.

But we also have a vision for our people. We want the most talented, committed and driven people to power our transformative approach. In return, we’ll provide a nurturing environment where you can be a part of something special.

Software Engineer

Experience: 2- 4 years

About the role..

Are you driven by a passion for leveraging cutting-edge technologies to solve complex problems? Do you find yourself at home in the crossroads of software engineering and machine learning? If you have a knack for designing robust applications and are meticulous about integrating client data seamlessly, we have the perfect role for you.

What you’ll do for us…

  1. Architect and Implement ML Systems: Design the infrastructure around our machine learning products to ensure scalability, efficiency, and effectiveness in meeting client needs.
  2. Data Integration and Mapping: Lead the effort in integrating client data into our systems, emphasizing accuracy and efficiency in data feeds for our ML models.
  3. Code with Precision: Write high-quality, maintainable Python code, contributing to the development and optimization of our machine learning applications.
  4. Cross-functional Collaboration: Engage closely with product managers, data scientists, and the software engineering team to ensure the ML products development aligns with broader project goals.
  5. Collaborate and Enhance: Work within a cross-disciplinary team to refine and enhance the integration of machine learning applications, leveraging your insights and skills for continuous product improvement.

What you’ll have…

  1. Experience: 2 to 4 Years of relevant experience in software development.
  2. Education: Bachelor’s Degree or above in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related field.

Technical Proficiency:

  1. Expertise in Python, with a strong focus on developing a scalable product.
  2. Deep understanding of data structures, algorithms, and system design to optimize scalability and performance.
  3. Expertise in Demand forecasting and Time series forecasting.
  4. Familiar with software development best practices (Git, CI/CD, Unit Testing).
  5. Skills: Proficient in writing production-level code, optimizing data processing, and identifying performance bottlenecks.
  6. Characteristics: Outstanding communication and presentation abilities, strong teamwork and transparency values.
  7. We really value team spirit: Transparency and frequent communication is key. At o9, this is not limited by hierarchy, distance, or function

What we’ll do for you…

  • Competitive salary
  • Get social: When we work from home, we play from home with fun after-work activities like Friday Socials. If you’re in the office, feel free to join these events in person.
  • Flat organization: With a very strong entrepreneurial culture (and no corporate politics).
  • Support network: Work with a team you can learn from and every day.
  • Diversity: We pride ourselves on our international working environment.

How the process works…

  • Apply by clicking the button below.
  • You’ll be contacted by our recruiter, to give you some background about the role and get to know you. They’ll contact you either via video call or phone call - whatever you prefer.
  • During the interview phase, you will meet with the technical panel for 60 minutes. The recruiter will contact you after the interview to let you know if we’d like to progress your application.
  • There will be 3 rounds of technical discussion followed by a HR discussion.
  • Our recruiter will let you know if you’re the successful candidate. Good luck!

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Salary Insights of Software Engineer at o9 Solutions, Inc.

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