Senior Software Engineer - Blockchain Analysis (Java)

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Job Summary

Job Type


Years of Experience
At least 3 years

Tech Stacks
Java Ethereum Analytics

Job Description

Roles & Responsibilities
  • Work closely with blockchain research teams to complete the research and development of blockchain projects
  •  Backend development of tool chains including on-chain data analytics, creating pivotal products that provides service to other key crypto products including Earn and Yield Products. 
  •  Responsible for research on the data analysis of blockchain, understanding blockchain top projects, such as ETH, TRX, BSC and defi smart contract data analysis, and the most advanced public chain analysis 
  •  Collect the on-chain data on each smart contract into the database, resulting in structured data that allows web3 teams to make impactful decision to our customers 
  •  Design high performance queries to access on chain data 

Role Requirements
  •  Bachelor degree or above, majored in finance, computer science, software engineering, mathematics or information technology; 3 years + java development experience 
  •  Blockchain background, have a certain understanding of ethereum and other chains is a plus 
  •  Strong interest in blockchain technology, strong learning ability and understanding ability; 
  •  Good communication, team player 
  •  Familiar with the basic principles of Bitcoin / Ethereum, understand smart contracts, and be able to use smart contract deployment and debug tools such as hardhat and Remix; 
  •  Knowledge of one or more major DeFi projects: MakerDao, Uniswap, compound, synthetix, etc. Or knowledge of NFT, etc.; 
  •  Familiar with Solidity language, smart contract source code reading ability is a plus

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