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Python Java Azure Google Cloud AWS Strategy

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OnGrid is India's fastest growing digital trust platform offering verifications, background checks,

and references checks, employee/staff onboarding, KYC services and issuing verified

credentials. Founded by IIT-B alumni, OnGrid has completed more than 200+ million checks

and is working with 3000+ happy clients.

At OnGrid, we are focused on redefining and reimagining Trust. We are leveraging technology

to build a digital trust platform all while being accountable for providing verified credentials

instantly coming from the source directly.

Having built the basic pillars of trust, we now want our imaginations to be let loose and think of

avenues not explored and ways never implemented before. In this pursuit, we are looking for a

motivated Senior AI engineer with experience in building high-performing, scalable,

enterprise-grade applications, to join us, driving this vision, and taking it to a larger scale. If you

are a visionary, always on the lookout for finding the right solutions, and a technology geek,

constantly seeking to learn and improve your skill set, then you are the type of person we are

looking for.

What you will do:

● Work with Product and Technology, Manage, Innovate and direct processes and

R&D (research and development) to meet the needs of our AI strategy

● Brainstorm and collaborate on client’s and internal use cases with potential to

create huge impact using AI and other related areas.

● Demonstrate a desire to collaborate, take ownership, and lead as required.

● Work with cross-functional teams to identify and prioritize key areas within

our partners' businesses where AI solutions can deliver substantial benefits.

● Analyze and develop AI and machine learning (ML) solutions, ensuring the

highest ethical standards are maintained.

● Conduct research in multidisciplinary areas such as computer vision, NLP,

and other related fields, as needed.


● Bachelors/Masters in Computer Science or a related field

● Strong grasp of mathematics and applied mathematics is a plus.

● Minimum of 4+ years of hands-on experience solving real-life problems,

preferably in computer vision or NLP, utilizing deep learning techniques.

● Ability to operationalize AI models by integrating necessary components into


● Proficiency in Python programming, a decent understanding of Java is an added


● Familiarity with the challenges involved in scaling AI models and continuously

improving them using production data.

● Ability to think analytically and holistically when designing solutions for complex

AI problems.

● Experience with cloud providers/platforms such as AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud

is a plus.

If interested, share your resume at [email protected]

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