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Job Description

Role Description & Requirements:

Minimum experience : 4-10 years

In-depth knowledge and experience of GCP Data services : Bigquery, Dataproc, Composer, Pubsub, Dataflow, GCS and BigTable

Must have proficient experience in GCP Databases : Bigtable, Spanner, CloudSQL and AlloyDB

Solid understanding and experience of relational database concepts and technologies such as SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL or Oracle.

Familiarity with database performance tuning, optimization, and troubleshooting techniques is a plus

Strong working experience on one or more of the Big Data/Hadoop distributions(or ecosystems) like, Cloudera/Hortonworks, Kafka, Hive, Spark etc

Good understanding of Native and external tables, with different file formats : Avro, ORC, Parquet

CI/CD pipelines for data workloads using Cloud Build, Artifact Registry, Terraform

Data governance solutioning using GCP governance tooling (Dataplex, Data Catalog)

Tools and languages experience Required:

Must have:

GCP Dataflow, Pub/Sub, Cloud Composer, Cloud Workflow, BigQuery, Cloud Run, CloudBuild, Scala, Spark, Spanner, CloudSQL

Programming knowledge and willingness to be hands-on - Python, Java

Specialization on streaming such as PubSub or Kafka or equivalent

Good to Have:

Hands-on experience with other cloud platforms and services such as AWS RDS, or Azure SQL Database, Azure HDInsight, IBM Open platform

Good understanding of the following AWS Data services, Redshift, RDS, Athena or SQS/Kinesis

Experience with NoSQL databases such as MongoDB, Scylla, Cassandra, or DynamoDB is a plus

Good to have GCP Professional Data Engineer Certification

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