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Python Go TensorFlow

Job Description

Who are we, and What do we do?

From the humble idea of giving all regional languages a stage to successfully building India's No.1 social media platform, we've journeyed to turn ideas into reality. At ShareChat and Moj, our short video platform (, we have over 325 million users, 80 million creators, and over 2.5 billion shares every month. Valued at $5 billion, ours is a story of disrupting the digital narrative as we build Bharatโ€™s content creation ecosystem.

An open, honest culture and our values, such as first principles, speed, integrity, user-centricity, and ownership, drive our teams to innovate our products every day. We are on the path to establishing ShareChat as the world's largest AI-centered social media platform. We are thrilled to offer you the opportunity to solve complex problems at scale, learn with the best minds, pursue unstoppable growth, and, most importantly, make a far-reaching impact.

What does the team do?

We are a small team of engineers whose goal is to build a state of the art ML Notification system for ShareChat and Moj applications. Before us notifications in Moj were complicated heuristics based systems. Our goal is to simplify it as much as possible while improving business metrics and user experience. To achieve this, we are building a design-clean and effective system leveraging state of the art recommendation system stack. We need passionate people who love getting into the bottom of things.

AI - Our AI teams are spearheading the research and development, presenting innovations at various conferences. Click Here to learn.

Learn from our CEO Ankush about our culture, innovation and growth. Click here

What Youโ€™ll Do?

  • Design and build an ML based notification system alongside with Backend Engineers and Data Scientists
  • Write code in Python and Golang around ML production (data preprocessing, model training, inference)
  • Be a staff level IC and Tech Lead for MLE side of the team

Who are you?

  • Staff level Machine Learning Engineer with primary focus on engineering and MLOps
  • Experience with DWH
  • Experience with Golang and Python
  • Experience with ML and Neural Networks:
  • Training, validating and deploying neural network models
  • In-depth knowledge of SOTA RecSys

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience in DS/ML competitions: Kaggle etc.
  • Experience with Tensorflow

Where youโ€™ll be?


Why join ShareChat?

  • We believe in creating economic opportunities for our content creators as a shared purpose. Join us to make a tangible impact for regional Indian audiences.
  • Grab an opportunity to solve complex problems powered by our AI and ML recommendation system for over 325 million monthly active users, 80 million creators and key partners.
  • Drive your career growth through our upskilling programs, accelerated by values like speed and ownership.
  • You get a chance to work with top talent across the globe in a collaborative and learning culture.
  • Experience growth in a people-first organisation with unparalleled rewards and employee-centric policies, including ESOPs, monthly childcare allowance, insurance, and more.

Know more about us:

  • AI @ ShareChat | AI Projects @ ShareChat/
  • Scaling AI to billion users
  • ShareChat Ads
  • Get to know our Co-Founder & CEO YT
  • Get to know our Co-Founder & CEO Spotify
  • Our Blog

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