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Python MySQL C NoSQL C++

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Role: Machine Learning Engineer

Experience: 3-8 Years

Location: Bangalore

Working Days: 5 Days a week(WFO)

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About US

SHIELD is a device-first risk AI platform that helps digital businesses worldwide eliminate fake accounts and stop all fraudulent activities. SHIELD identifies the root of fraud with the global standard for device identification (SHIELD Device ID) and actionable risk intelligence, empowering businesses to stay ahead of new and unknown fraud threats.

We are trusted by global unicorns like inDrive, Alibaba, Swiggy, Meesho, TrueMoney and more. With offices in San Francisco, Miami, London, Berlin, Jakarta, Bengaluru, Beijing, and Singapore, we are rapidly achieving our mission - eliminating unfairness to enable trust for the world.

Clients - Indrive, MPL, Dunzo,


1. Device Intelligence (A. Shield ID B. Shield risk indicators (score) C. SHIELD Sentinel - profiles user session

2. Adshield - (A. Invalid Traffic Sabotages Marketing Campaigns

Invalid traffic (IVT) damages every marketing campaign - whether paid or organic, data or content-driven, direct or affiliate.

B. Invalid Traffic Leads to Bad Leads

Click farms, scrapers, spam bots, and crawlers - these are all types of IVT that generate poor leads, reduce ad campaign visibility, and skew your marketing metrics.

C. Invalid Traffic Damages Revenue

IVT clogs up your pipeline and keeps your sales team from focusing on real leads.

3. Compliance AI - Risk Policy engine - keep threeshold

Job Description

Function: Data Science and Analysis โ†’ Data Science / Machine Learning, Software Engineering โ†’ Backend Development

  • Machine Learning
  • Python
  • C++
  • C

As a Machine Learning Engineer (Risk), you will develop and leverage innovative machine learning solutions to solve complex sets of problems and applications. By analyzing and detecting patterns in vast amounts of data, you will have a good understanding of machine learning life cycle algorithms, data structures and design patterns. We are looking for talented and passionate individuals who are proactive in identifying problems and have the logical thought process and skills to solve them. There will be many opportunities to explore new tech stacks and to work on advanced technologies.


  • Ability to design and develop machine learning algorithms.
  • Discover, design, and develop analytical methods to support novel approaches to data and information processing.
  • Identify and apply appropriate methods to process and analyze large data sets of labelled and unlabeled records, and discover new valuable insights for the system.
  • Provide support on another part of the system (not limited to Machine Learning).
  • Conduct software performance analysis, scaling, tuning and optimization.
  • Review and contribute to improving current software and system architecture for stability and optimisation performance.
  • Research and development of fraud detection solutions.


  • Minimum Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, Information System with Machine Learning specialization or equivalent.
  • Strong foundation in database and data scaling.
  • Experience with various Machine Learning algorithms and ability to apply them in real-life cases.
  • Experience in MySQL, NoSQL and Columnar databases.
  • Experience in C++, C, Python and other programming languages will be an advantage.
  • Prior experience in e-payments or the e-commerce industry is a plus.
  • Strong analytical, interpersonal, communication and presentation skills

Interested candidates please apply on:-

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