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SQL Databricks Flow AWS Sagemaker AWS

Job Description

  • More than 4 years hands-on experience as ML Engineer
  • Certified Machine Learning Associate
  • Mesh, big data and No SQL database
  • MLOps, ML flow, NLP, Generative AI, Time series analysis, Anomaly Detection, Feature Car Data engineering
  • Data Translation and Processing, Cluster Optimization, Data Serialization
  • Platform Al and Machine Learning on Databricks such as Unity Catalog, Lakehouse Monitoring,
  • MLflow for model development tracking, Databricks Model Serving, Foundation Model
  • APIs
  • External models, Databricks Workflows, Databriks Cluster Optimization
  • Having experience with implementing Mlflow on databricks and E2E ML products and Machin learning in production
  • AWS Sagemaker, laC using AWS SDK, Documentation skills, SDLC, DevOps
  • Translation layer, AWS technology stack, algorithm development, BI report, Documentation skills,

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