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Location: Bangalore, India

Thales people architect solutions that enable two-thirds of planes to take off and land safely. We create in-flight entertainment systems that engross 50 million fliers every year and we develop the avionics that control the worldโ€™s largest commercial aircrafts. Our simulators train the next generation of pilots for fighter jets, transporters and search and rescue helicopters. And, together, each and every member of our aerospace team makes a difference.

Present in India since 1953, Thales is headquartered in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, and has operational offices and sites spread across Bengaluru, Delhi, Gurugram, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune among others. Over 1800 employees are working with Thales and its joint ventures in India. Since the beginning, Thales has been playing an essential role in Indiaโ€™s growth story by sharing its technologies and expertise in Defence, Transport, Aerospace and Digital Identity and Security markets.

Senior Engineer

This individual is responsible for design, implement, test and deploy SW features. He is contributing to developing, sustaining and supporting features. To be successful, the candidate will need to have solid experience within the AGILE/SCRUM software development methodology, object-oriented programming concepts, web application technologies and full software development life cycle. The candidate should have sufficient technical and leadership skills to be a mentor engineers and be able to work collaboratively within the team. This individual needs to be accountable for his/her commitment (both technically and behaviorally), be able to cooperate effectively, demonstrate willingness to lead/mentor others, and be adaptive in working with different stakeholders.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science & Engineering, Electronics & Communication or equivalent discipline with 5 to 8 years of relevant experience.

Working experience in Defense\military\Aerospace products development is desirable.

Location: Anchorage-2, 100/2, Wing-A, Richmond Rd, Richmond Town, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560025.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Full Stack Development: Develop new features, modules, and components across the entire stack, including frontend UI, backend APIs, and database interactions.
  • Architecture Design: Define the overall architecture and technical design of the software solutions, ensuring they are scalable, maintainable, and aligned with best practices. This includes both backend architecture using Java technologies (e.g., Spring Framework, Spring Boot) and frontend architecture using Angular.
  • Technical Guidance: Provide technical expertise and guidance to team members on Java backend development, Angular frontend development, and related technologies. Help resolve technical challenges and provide solutions to complex problems.
  • Code Review: Review code contributed by team members to ensure it meets quality standards, follows best practices, and aligns with the defined architecture and coding conventions.
  • Quality Assurance: Work closely with QA engineers to define testing strategies, review test plans, and ensure adequate test coverage for both backend and frontend components. Oversee the resolution of any issues or bugs identified during testing.
  • Continuous Improvement: Stay updated on industry trends, emerging technologies, and best practices related to Java development, Angular, and full-stack development in general. Identify opportunities for process improvements and technical innovations within the team.
  • Documentation: Ensure thorough documentation of technical designs, development processes, and system architectures. Document coding standards, best practices, and guidelines for future reference by team members.
  • Follow and support agile methodologies and practices by actively participating in all SCRUM ceremonies
  • Implement and maintain security and data privacy best practices
  • Create scalable and high-performance web services for data tracking

Minimum Skills/Experience:

  • Bachelorโ€™s degree in engineering, Computer Science or related study
  • Minimum 5-8 years of experience
  • Play a pivotal role in driving the technical direction, ensuring code quality, mentoring team members, and collaborating with other stakeholders to deliver successful projects.
  • Strong proficiency in Java, Spring Boot, Hibernate, etc. Experience in developing REST APIs working with databases (e.g., MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB) is essential.
  • Proficiency in frontend development using Angular framework. Excellent knowledge of HTML, CSS, and TypeScript, which are essential for building responsive user interfaces with Angular.
  • Familiarity with CSS frameworks like Bootstrap or Angular Material that facilitate responsive design by providing pre-built responsive components and utilities.
  • Experience in development with Azure Cloud platform
  • Extensive experience with Git, Bitbucket, JIRA, Confluence
  • Good experience in writing unit test cases
  • Must follow and support agile methodologies and practices by actively participating in all SCRUM ceremonies
  • Must adhere to and develop best practices in software engineering
  • Must be able to interact with individuals to solidify understanding of requirements and expectations

At Thales we provide CAREERS and not only jobs. With Thales employing 80,000 employees in 68 countries our mobility policy enables thousands of employees each year to develop their careers at home and abroad, in their existing areas of expertise or by branching out into new fields. Together we believe that embracing flexibility is a smarter way of working. Great journeys start here, apply now!

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