Algorithm Engineer (NLP), TikTok e-Commerce

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Job Summary

S$6,500 - S$13,000 / Monthly

Job Type


Years of Experience
At least 1 year

Tech Stacks
Python Spark Hive Java Go

Job Description


TikTok will be prioritizing applicants who have a current right to work in Singapore, and do not require TikTok's sponsorship of a visa.

TikTok is the leading destination for short-form mobile video. Our mission is to inspire creativity and bring joy. TikTok has global offices including Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris, Berlin, Dubai, Singapore, Jakarta, Seoul and Tokyo.

Why Join Us

Creation is the core of TikTok's purpose. Our platform is built to help imaginations thrive. This is doubly true of the teams that make TikTok possible.

Together, we inspire creativity and bring joy - a mission we all believe in and aim towards achieving every day.

To us, every challenge, no matter how difficult, is an opportunity; to learn, to innovate, and to grow as one team. Status quo? Never. Courage? Always.

At TikTok, we create together and grow together. That's how we drive impact - for ourselves, our company, and the communities we serve.

Join us.

About the team

Our team is responsible for developing next-generation chatbot and machine translation solutions to improve the TikTok Shopping experience across the world. We are currently looking for talented engineers that have a deep understanding of natural language processing and machine learning, especially ones with solid skills and experience of large language models, machine translation, and conversational AI.


- You will be responsible for developing and optimizing the intelligent customer service of TikTok shopping. This role will work closely with our product and operation teams to understand the intentions of our users, design solutions of experience excellence, and convey these solutions to our users conversationally, with the support of cutting-edge LLMs technology. You will have the chance to develop NLP models (like text classification, machine reading, summarization) and prediction models (like question prediction and chatbot action prediction) to achieve the above goals.

- You will be responsible for developing and optimizing the machine translation service of TikTok shopping to better support cross-region product listing, buyer-seller communication, and commenting. You will have the chance to develop machine translation models for the conversational environment and text generation models from multi-modality inputs.

- You will be responsible for developing and optimizing the multi-modal AIGC model for product copywriting, including product title, selling points, description and live broadcast script creation etc. You will have the chance to apply cutting edge AIGC models to save human effort and improve business performance.

About the job

Responsible for the NLP-related research and development, mainly including:

- Building the intent classifier in a full-stack manner by designing taxonomy, creating and managing high quality labeled data, training the best performed machine learning model (like Bert, GPT), and monitoring the online performance of the model.

- Building the prediction model by mapping the shopping journey of our users to chatbot actions, including suggesting common question-answers and transferring the user to human agent, with cutting-edge prediction models (like Boosting, deep CTR).

- Building the generation model by understanding business requests, exploring proper instructions, developing high-quality data, and finetuning a language model of billions of parameters (e.g., 13B, 60B).

- Working closely with our product and operation teams to quantitatively understand the impact of our chatbot and continuously bridge the business improvement action to model optimization action.



- Bachelor and above with majors in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Statistics, Applied Mathematics, Data Science or other related disciplines.

- At least 3 years of work experience in the related field: Large Language Models, Natural Language Generation, Machine Translation, Question Answering, Machine Reading, Information Extraction, Text Mining and Slassification etc.

- Work experience in e-commerce or the Internet industry is preferred.

- Practical experience in NLP (dialogue system, machine translation, nlp-related projects in IR/Ads system, etc.) are preferred.

- Familiar with at least one computer programming language, including but not limited to Go/ Python/ Java.

- Experience of big data development, including but not limited to hive, spark

- Candidates who have published high-quality papers are preferred, including but not limited to ACL, EMNLP, COLING, AAAI, IEEE TASLP, etc.

TikTok is committed to creating an inclusive space where employees are valued for their skills, experiences, and unique perspectives. Our platform connects people from across the globe and so does our workplace. At TikTok, our mission is to inspire creativity and bring joy. To achieve that goal, we are committed to celebrating our diverse voices and to creating an environment that reflects the many communities we reach. We are passionate about this and hope you are too.

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